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American Idol Rant

Why, why, oh whyyyyyy do I watch this show? It’s a bad habit and an addiction!

Worst. Top 12. Ever!

Not since David losing on coronation night and Melinda getting voted off before the finale have I been so bummed over an elimination night. I mean, sweet and timid Alex Lambert, who had an amazing voice and no stage presence, but one who I was sooooooo looking forward to seeing his growth spurt over the course of a season.  And… and… he’s GONE!!!!!!!

I just knew that insipid Tim Urban, who sang after him, would steal votes from him.  I mean, yeah, Tim Urban did a good job on “Hallelujah,” but that’s a friggin easy song to sing.  He got by just on his cuteness, and that just about sucks! What a complete waste of space!


And don’t even get me started with Katelyn and Lilly leaving the competition! (So, Paige being the only black female contestant did save her… regardless of whether she sang R&B or not and whether she actually sounded good! Not happy with what this has to say about diversity either!)

I’d happily replace Paige with Todrick, if there must be another black finalist in the Top 12, but it seems so many people didn’t like him.

Also, I’d love to be like Lilly (and others) who want to blame “America” on this really screwed up line-up of Top 12 finalists (she said something along the lines of “I just don’t know what America wants to hear; there’s a lot of great talent going home tonight,” and I concur), but you know what?  I can’t blame all this on “America.” This falls squarely on the shoulders of the producers and judges.

I mean, I distinctly remember expressing my concerns yesterday that

1. Alex could be in trouble since he had the #2 spot and he was being followed by Tim, who clearly has some kind of superficially inclined fanbase


2. Katelyn was in trouble for choosing a song no one cares about and being followed up by another blonde, Didi. 

I saw the line-ups this week. The producers deliberately pitted similarly typed contestants to ensure that one would go and one would stay, and guess what?  The one who performed first got voted off!

The only exception is Lilly, who performed AFTER Crystal and in the pimp spot no less.  But, if they were competing for the same voting bloc, of course Crystal got her votes.


You know what really, really sucks about the whole thing? The folks going home tonight had so much potential, but they’re just not getting the right advice and mentoring.

I mean, I’m still shocked Simon tried to belittle Todrick’s performance last night by calling it “Broadway.”  In whose world is a “Broadway” performance a lame performance? Oh, in American Idol World!

And then they wonder why the rest of the music industry has a damn hard time taking anybody who passes through their show seriously (despite the fact that a number of Idol alumni are on Broadway!).

At least, when Simon tried to belittle Crystal Bowersox a few weeks ago by calling her “just another subway singer,” Crystal turned that “insult” around by informing the rest of us that, yeah, she is a subway singer, she can command an audience in a subway station, and if Simon passed by her in a station (if he ever deigned to ride the subway), he’d stop and pay attention too! That’s when Crystal had me at hello. 

I am really getting tired of the elitist crap that passes itself off as “sound evaluation” of amateur talent on this show.  The put-downs – whether they are telling contestants that they are “Broadway,” or “coffee house” or “subway station” or “cruise ship,” whatever! This show has seriously jumped the shark!!

Hell YES, these contestants sound “Broadway,” “coffee house,” “subway station,” or “cruise ship” or wherever the heck they’ve been performing before they decided to audition for a show like American Idol. So what if they are “regular people” and not yet celebrities?  If the producers and judges and whoever else was doing their damn jobs, they’d ensure that these “regular people” would actually transform into the music artists and/or stars they aspire to be!  That’s why we WATCH this dang show!  

Since when has this show decided the point of this competition is to belittle where these singers came from, just because they want a shot at stardom?  So what if they’re aspiring for this?  If non-singing “talents” like Taylor Swift (who couldn’t even garner $0.10 at a subway station if she tried), Rhianna, Ke$ha, and whoever else is “current” in pop music, can be taken seriously, why can’t people with real talent try their own luck?

See, I’m just annoyed because the people who didn’t make it into the Top 12 had serious potential, and with the right mentoring, they would have been legitimate contenders for a music career. But what did they get? Poor Alex got his head bitten off by Simon the first time he performed live, and I had to warn him to DIAL IT DOWN, and everyone else has been on this yo-yo dance trying to incorporate the inane and downright INSANE advice the judges have to offer.  

God, I miss Paula, and Alex, baby: you coulda been a contender.

My heart broke a little seeing him and everyone else weeping for him.