Daily Archives: March 8, 2010

The Voice… On the Voice

First, what a most excellent interview in The L.A. Times.

Second, it’s got me super excited in anticipating David’s second album and memoir. He’s so wise beyond his years, I keep forgetting he’s only 19 (even though he looks younger than his years).  What a great paradox is this David Archuleta!

Most profound quote:

There’s a certain emotion that you work on trying to get into your voice all these years, and I feel like auto-tune takes that away. Sometimes imperfections are supposed to be there! 

Tell it, David! 

I’m telling you: anybody who understands that basic fundamental aspect of singing is not merely a singer or a belter.  He’s a genius!

But we here at Soul David already know that, don’t we? 😉

David Back in Nashville

New vlog! So excited David is working wish such diverse people. Can’t wait for the new album!

He’s so adorable expressing his love for Syesha, Dreamgirls, and the “song that changed his life”! haha!