Daily Archives: March 7, 2010

David Dream Sequence #19

Another David Dream last night.  It started out that I was walking towards a restaurant in my downtown, rushing actually since I was late for a lunch date.  On my way there, I came across a vacant store, on which was a lone poster of David Archuleta.  Despite my lateness, I did a double take to look at the poster (I mean, how could I not?).  I looked up to see what this building was, and on it was the sign:


Oh my heck! And just like that, I forgot my lunch date and decided to investigate further.  I mean, I hadn’t heard anything about a David Archuleta store in my city.  As it turned out, the door to the store was open, so I walked in and tried to imagine what the empty store would be selling – David Archuleta merchandise or just items relating to David’s favorite causes?  Just then, I heard what sounded like a crowd of people gathered in the basement, so I walked towards the back and found a door leading to the basement, where all the commotion was going on.

A middle-aged blond woman greeted me cheerily when I entered the room.  

“Hi,” she said.  “Are you a fan of David?”

“Absolutely!” was my enthusiastic reply.  “Is this some kind of fan party, and what’s this I hear of a David Archuleta store opening?”

“Well, this is our grand celebration to get plans under way, and we’re so grateful David came just for us.”

She then motions toward the front of the room, where David was at a table signing autographs and taking pictures with a bunch of fans lined up.  

“What is this? I had no idea there was this place and this event and David coming to this event!”

The lady then looks at me suspiciously.

“You are a fan of David, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Are you by any chance part of TDC?”

That question threw me off, but something told me to lie and, remembering the sign on the store, I said, “No. If there’s any fan site I visit regularly, it’s FOD!”

She smiled and said, “Well, did you miss our notice to respond privately?  We had to be careful, see? We didn’t want just any fan of David coming here.  And after TDC tried to do that private party, we had to be extra careful when we threw our own.  See, unlike those fans, we’ve got the inside track!”  

Woah!  I didn’t know whether to be angry that there was an “inner circle” of fans, or that this same inner circle was trying to exclude others!

I looked around the room and didn’t see anyone I know… well, except David Archuleta, who just then looked up at me and, to my astonishment, gave me a wink. My heart leaped, and I blushed.  He then pointed towards an object on the side.  My eyes followed his finger and I saw a huge container with several wrapped gifts.  Walking over to it, I saw the gifts were clearly marked for different fan groups.  Wow! David was giving back to us.  One gift was labeled “For the Older Women Fans,” another was labeled “For the Tween Fans,” and one that definitely was geared toward my group was labeled “For the Minority Women of Color Fans.”  I was so charmed that David would use such carefully worded terminology (most would either put “Minority Women” or “Women of Color”) that I started to giggle… uncontrollably.

People started looking my way, and when I caught some “minority women of color”‘s eyes, I raised the gift (which felt like a huge bundle of hardcover books) and pointed to the label.  They started to giggle too, and the more they giggled, the louder I got. We made such a commotion that David  looked my way, totally puzzled and then dismayed because he saw me pointing out the label.  He must have thought he had caused offense.  So, he stopped what he was doing and made his way over to me.  I don’t know who was more shocked: me or the crowd.

I tried to control the giggling, but I just couldn’t, and David coming over just made me burst into nervous laughter.  But, he definitely had that look that guys get when they think girls are laughing at them.

“Hi David,” I tried to control myself.

He then shocked the bejesus out of me when he called me by my name. That stopped the laughing right then and there.

“How do you know my name?” I queried, having an uncanny feeling since this was my first face-to-face close encounter with him (technically speaking of course since this is like my 19th David Dream – um, yeah, my subconscious David should know my name really well by now).  

“I know all about youuuuu,” he replied in a very teasing and flirtatious way.

My heart fluttered. 

“In fact, I have a special gift just for you.  By the way, what’s so funny? Was that the wrong wording I used?” 

He looked at me with those hypnotic, sparkling eyes, which at the moment looked like pleading puppy-dog eyes.  

My heart melted.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong!” I reassured David.  “I was just flattered that you would try so hard, that’s all.”

He seemed to breath a sigh of relief then reached into the container and pulled out a bigger gift.  He placed it in my hands.

“This one’s for you.”  

“Wow!” I exclaimed, and began opening it. It turned out to be my big Family Bible that my mother bequeathed to me when I moved into my new home.

“How did you get this?” I asked, getting that uncanny feeling again.  

“Somebody who loves you said to give it to you,” David replies, smiling widely and excitedly this time. “I signed it, so I hope you don’t mind.”

Did David really just ask if I would mind his signature on a personal item that he just gave to me as my own special gift?

I opened to the title page, and not only did David put his signature on it, but he had a whole long hand-written “message” for me. 

I burst out squealing with delight and impulsively hugged him and kissed him on his cheek. (Needless to say, the crowd that was gathered there was fuming at all the attention I was getting, but I SO WAS NOT FEELING ANY OF THEM, especially considering they were trying to exclude TDC fans like myself because of their “inside track,” while David was here behaving like the two of us had our own inside track. If I could have laughed hysterically to rub it in their faces, I would!)

I was getting ready to read through David’s message to me, but then I woke up.

Dang it!