Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

If This is a Girl’s Year…

So, while David is wowing everyone on You Tube with his solo parts on Somos El Mundo (thanks, Valbraz, for basically confirming what I was saying all along!), I was busy tuning in to this lackluster season that is AI9.

And just like I already stated with The David Standard, on the girls’ side, there’s what I would call The Melinda Standard (my other favorite American Idol):

Also a Top 20 week performance:

Sometimes, past Idol alumni set the bar so high, that others in their wake cannot help but fall short.

So, that’s really what’s bugging the judges, who keep talking about being frustrated. And I want to say back to them: “Sorry, guys, you’re not going to top a David Archuleta or a Melinda Doolittle. Lightening does not strike twice.” Actually, because of Melinda Doolittle, and adding to the long list supreme alumni vocalists – from Tamyra Gray to Kimberly Locke to Jennifer Hudson to Fantasia Barrino to Lakisha Jones to Jordin Sparks to Syesha Mercado (who David is checking out tonight in a production of Dreamgirls) – no black female singer should even bother to audition for Idol anymore unless she intends to outsing and out-glory-note every single alumni I just listed.

Speaking of black female contestants… Oy veh! Where is Haeley’s mama or her girl friends to tell her to take that horrendous weave out of her hair!  Why can’t we wear our hair natural on national TV? There’s a black woman and two little black girls in the White House for crying out loud!  Sheesh!!!

Having said that, here’s the breakdown for tonight.

Since the judges and the producers keep saying “This is a Girl’s Year,” and one of the eventual winners performed tonight, then I’m going to call the race between Siobhan Magnus and Katelyn Epperly.  Yes, the judges are pushing for Crystal Bowersox mighty heavily, and she is quite talented and a “tough cookie” for having come back from her medical crisis (I mean, when the show is willing to work around her illness, I think it’s safe to say she’s The Chosen One).  

But, I have a feeling she will be overtaken quite easily.  Not just in terms of viewer backlash and once people get over the “sympathy vote.”  Siobhan the Glass Blower (heh) was not particularly impressive doing Aretha Franklin’s “Think” (although that high note in the middle did give me pause).  However, the girl can seriously BLOW (pun intended), and she’s got that Kelly Clarkson-you-don’t-see-me-coming vibe going for her.  Power belters do extraordinarily well (on the girl’s side), so I think she’s going to bring it – on up to the finale.

Now, what I don’t get for the life of me is why the heck Katelyn received such tepid feedback on her performance.  She’s got this interesting subtlety about her, and I think she’s got what it takes to wear the crown.  Her vocals were spot on, and her piano-playing was lovely.  The judges are so into Crystal that they didn’t want to give credit where credit is due.  

Outside of these two, Lilly Scott is a very interesting quirky little thing, but no, she ain’t gonna win this thing.  Too far out the box to fit within Idol’s parameters.

All in all, much better than the boys by far, but no real show stoppers.  Yet.  (And I say “yet” because there is potential there.)