Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

The David Standard

“Mr. Kelley made me miss the Archuleta, and I couldn’t stand him.” 

This from a David Hater over at the Television Without Pity Forums, in response to Aaron Kelly’s performance tonight (yep, the same one they’ve been calling “the next David Archuleta”), and that’s saying something, isn’t it?

Let’s face it.  David has spoiled us rotten, and now there is no way to watch American Idol without bringing what I call The David Standard to your listening pleasure (or lack there of).  Yes, boys and girls, this is Top 20 week of the Idol competition.  The same week when David wowed us with this during Season 7:

Sigh.  Needless to say, none of the boys had an “Imagine” moment tonight.  What a pity.  For surely now is the time for front runners to start moving up front, is it not?

Having said that, this week is a definite improvement from last.  And I would swear up and down that Simon Cowell reads my blog because he absolutely took my advice and seriously DIALED IT DOWN with his criticisms.  He’s still razor-sharp with his tongue, but at least more constructive, rather than destructive, this time around.

I also must say that, if we’re not going to have a frontrunner and early favorite, the next best thing is to have an underdog who is sure to grow and evolve during the course of the season.  My pick?  The sweet, shy, nervous Alex Lambert who 

1.) has a really nice tone in his voice that I really like 


2.) picked a John Legend song!

Of course, since he was 4th in the line-up, I worry about whether he’ll survive to next week (and as much as I’d like to root for him, heck no, I’m not picking up the phone to vote).  Perhaps he should have sung Legend’s more popular “Ordinary People.”  Still, for a 19 year old who has only performed three times in front of an audience before coming on AI, and knowing that he throws up before entering the stage (I sympathize with his stage fright), I want him to do well, and I’d really like to see him grow.  He’s got major potential, IMHO.

Everyone else was a whole lot of meh, so I’m glad I’ve already found a favorite in the bunch.  

No one comes close to David, and I blame our beloved for being so dang good the season he was on!  Heck, if he can outsing seasoned performers on a recording, as he did on “Somos El Mundo,” is it any wonder that no one else has come close to his standard on Idol? 

Apres moi, le deluge…