Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

Who’s That Guy?

I can imagine that’s the question that would resonate across the Latin world as they tune into the video for “Somos El Mundo.”  What never ceases to amaze me about David is what a Powerhouse Voice he has.  There he was, in the back row, just belting out his solo (sparkly eyes and all), and my heart is just a flutter.

I haven’t watched Univision since college when I had a Spanish-speaking roommate who was into her telenovelas.  So, I’m always amazed where my O.D.D. will take me.  Last year, it took me to Nickelodeon and Disney, and this year I’m wading through a language I don’t understand (which still sounds so much prettier than English – should have kept it up past junior high) just to get a glimpse of HIM and to hear The Voice. And boy does that Voice ring out so clearly and just puts everyone else on notice!

As for the other accompanying voices… 

Excessive.  EXCESSIVE.  E. X. C. E. S. S. I. V. E.

And I thought nothing could sound worse than the English version rap.  That Latin-based reggaeton/rap takes this latest We Are the World remake to a whole new level of suckitude. Have mercy!

Like Jennifer Hudson on the WATW 25 for Haiti English version, thank God for David.  (Thank God for Idol alumni for that matter.)

What everyone else does in excess, David does with restraint.  He’s the vocal equivalent to the jazz genius that was Miles Davis, who used to say: “I listen for what I can leave out.”

That’s David to a T and very much so on this version of Somos El Mundo.  I only hope others will start paying attention.

Because of his beautiful gifts, I could download this version and be inspired just by the Voice alone.  That he got three separate solos on this version means the Latin music world is paying very careful attention (they probably haven’t forgotten Contigo en la Distancia).

This can only bode well for David’s future (and ours).  

Somos El Mundo: