Daily Archives: March 1, 2010

Underestimate Him at Your Own Risk

I’m really digging this new post by Jackryan4DA over at TDC. It’s all about keeping the faith and recognizing David’s strengths.  I for one needed to read that piece because I was starting to worry over David’s prospects every time someone mentions his management and the dreaded J word.

But here’s the thing: tonight, @ 10 pm EST on Univision, David and his fellow Latin artists will be broadcasting Somos El Mundo (which I imagine will have even more resonance in the wake of the Chile earthquake this past weekend).  I for one will not overlook that, because of David, there will be an increase in English-speaking audiences tuning in.  That’s not something to sneeze at.

Added to this are some recent savvy moves to keep David’s name on our lips: from that gorgeous book cover for Chords of Strength to a leaked track, which may or may not be new material but who cares: none of us have heard David’s vocals on it before.  

What I’m observing is the subtle and steady promotion of an up and coming artist, who is slowly working his way into the public conscious, and to me, that’s got to be a good thing.  I agree with JR that the book cover reveals David’s maturity.  It’s an image of a young man who is slowly outgrowing his “cutie pie” looks and the somewhat forced “serious sexy” look from his debut CD to come into his own.  Granted, we’ve also had some setbacks, like the sweetly cheesy Christmas from the Heart CD cover, but could these more recent developments indicate new self-directed directions from David?

Do I think there are still some issues with management? Well, who knows? All I know is: David is taking us into some interesting directions and making some unexpected choices.  Let’s keep the faith and always remember the old adage: Underestimate the Archulator at your own risk.