Leaked Song: What’s the Verdict?

Check out the mp3 link: She’s Not You.

So, some of you have already weighed in, and my own thoughts are: very hooky song! Love the base and melody, but the lyrics are ridiculously repetitive. David’s worthy of better material, but if marketed well, this could be a successful single (not sure it sounds better than Crush though). Loving the soft velvety vocals from The Voice! 

BTW, between a leaked book cover and this leaked track, my ODD is satisfied! 🙂


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  1. Hmmm…….

    I was trying to think of what song it reminded me of, and I think it’s a much simpler version of the sound in Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” from 2007. So, perhaps it is an outtake from the last album? I hope so… 🙂

  2. Also, it sounds a little like this:

    • ah .. it does peter, with the acoustic guitar intro and syncopated beats…

      but you have to admit, although it’s a boy band, the song is amazing!! 😀

  3. This is off topic, but here is a tweet by one of the producers David is working with today:

    @ericnicks: A good manager makes a difference, don’t let inexperience guide your career. You will regret it later!!!!!!

    The six exclamation points are ALL his! He posted that a few minutes after tweeting that he was working with David. Funny thing is, the comment is now gone from his twitter page. Interesting.

    • Good grief. He’s still everywhere.

    • hmm……

    • If he is talking about Jeff, then I hope these producers are giving David advice (whether he wants it or not) about Jeff. David is loyal to family and it’s up to him to dump Jeff. But maybe if he hears it from others working with him, he will get it through his head that Jeff is a liability.

      • the tweet may or may not have been related to david, however if it was, my instincts say the david would have objected it to it- not someone else.

    • Yep, #manincap strikes again. And as always, his cluelessness prevents him from realizing that he’s more liability than a benefit.

      • Why did I somehow think he had disappeared??? 😦

      • Looks like @ericnicks gave HIS manager a shout out at the end of the session with David. But, now, that tweets gone too! I’m so confused! LOL By the way, we have another smash hit on our hands 🙂

      • Astrid, I noticed that also. I am wondering if Jeff was perhaps at the mixing session and was being a pain? I am totally speculating here. David, dump him already.

      • LittleM, I was under the same misconception. I thought it was David working with these songwriters and producers, not David and Jeff.

      • The thing I don’t understand, and what Eric Nicks may have been referring to, is – why does @manincap think he’s such an expert? He’s never managed or produced successfully for anyone else. Is he now using the Christmas album as experience?

        If his name is all over this new album….well….I will start to wonder how much David can think and act for himself.. 😦

      • He’s arrogant. That eliminates realizing your limitations and learning from others. Unfortunately it makes him think he’s above “rules” and that would include paying taxes as the IRS will see it and not according to what he and a buddy think.
        David would have been better off with 19M-never thought I’d say that.

      • Fancy, were you talking about the IRS as a hypothetical example, or do you have information that @ManInCap is in some sort of tax trouble?????

        Either way, he is a piece of work….

      • No knowledge and it’s not my profession. I don’t care what he does, just hate to see David saddled w/huge tax bills later on w/he may not be making as much money. #manincap’s income in 2008 was 700K from David, his previous income was ~3500./month. This is all from the divorce financial disclosure papers-he reported the 3500,/mo and “forgot” to mention the 700K until Lupe filed an appeal. He then said he didn’t put the 700K down because it was all spent in expenses. I think that’s what made me David’s tax worrier.

      • I didn’t know those figures were disclosed. Have a hard time believing @Manincap spent $700K in “expenses.” And he so conveniently “forgot” to disclose there earnings, huh? Pretty unreal.

        I don’t blame you for worrying, Fancy.

        aie aie aie!!!!!

      • $700,000 in expenses? I’m not angry any longer. I’m sad. Really sad. This is unreal.

      • So……..manincap is trying to jip the mother of his meal ticket?

        It is sad.

        Maybe after this second album it would be a good time for David to take his 2 year ministry thing (as much as I would miss his music)

      • Put a grain of salt in that 700K, I found the info (again) about #manincap’s “consulting” business but can’t find his statement of income from his “talent business”. Know I read it b/c I remember thinking that must be David’s money that’s been “expensed” away. Sorry I brought all this up and will resume MMOB.

      • I have always thought it was a bad idea to have Jeff financially involved. He has a history of financial problems. All I can say is that I hope that David has a good lawyer and accountant who are looking out for his own interests. I’d hate for the money to be gone in a few years when David goes to access it. This happens too many times.

      • I read in the divorce papers that Jeff’s income for one year was primarily based on refinancing their house. It really does appear that he is relying on David for support. Able-bodied parents should not be making a living off their children, period. The fact that Jeff had not reached financial stability by this time in his life is pretty unimpressive. I hope he’s not controlling David’s money.

  4. love the beat, love the guitar, love the bridge, love david’s smooth voice, very catchy- already singing she’s not you in my head. Love anything new from david, even a singing valentine…..but somehow it seems like something is missing? can’t put my finger on what it is.

  5. i listened to the song… i have to go w/my gut instincts here… i hope this isn’t the single… it’s a nice song, david sounds great singing it… i don’t think it’s lead single material though… not for play on top 40 radio… it starts off well, but the hook is weak, and it loses my interest midway through. it’s apparently a song from the sessions demoed/recorded for the debut cd that didn’t make the cut on the eventual release… it’s no where near as strong as what will be needed to impact on top 40 – which from all indications is what jive is aiming for… it’s serving its purpose as a teaser to build buzz – and it’s working, but honestly, i’d be concerned if this was the 1st single they were sending for adds on top 40.

  6. “In his pre-performance clip, Todrick Hall said that you could never realize how many people watch “Idol” until you’re on the show. You might if you wrote something even slightly negative about David Archuleta, and the wrath of millions of tweens and their moms rained down upon you. You might realize it then, and it might shake you to your core.”


  7. Gotta admit- new song, old song WHAT EVER- am enjoying it… love his voice- not over processed in SNY. And, Chris Brown er…always a fan favorite (kidding) the – drum or is it called the percussion line that sounds like clapping- reminded me of

  8. I watched some of @ericnicks utubes where he gives advice. His discusses how the major labels are publicly owned companies and their bottom line is making a profit. He doesn’t like how labels go after the quick buck as opposed to developing artists for the long haul. He uses Jeremih (ie, “Birthday Sex” song) as an example — big hit but no one care’s about him as a musician. @ericnicks strongly believes that artists need to brand themselves and seek help from mentors so that the labels don’t pigeon hold them as they did Jeremih.

    If that tweet was about David and his management, I bet it had to do with the production Jive wants vs. what David is comfortable with.

  9. David & We The Kings: “Heaven Can Wait”

  10. I thought this tweet was funny:

    “In church this guy behind me is belting out the hymns like he’s auditioning for American Idol. Then I turn around, it’s David Archuleta.”

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