Have Mercy!

(Thanks for the tip, Burkey!)

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  1. Very stylish.

    Is this really the cover? Are you sure Jeff can’t pull any strings and have a local “talent” whip up a new cover in MS Paint?

    Finally, someone mentions “platinum-selling.” It’s high time.

  2. Finally, a cover we can all agree on!! I love that they didn’t mess with his face!!! Very natural!

  3. Peter, are you sure Jeff is still in control after seeing this?! 😛

    I’m loving the natural look AND the display of his gorgeously huge hands!

  4. Wait a minute. Is American Idol going to get a cut of this too?

  5. Gulp!

    Wow…I can’t take my eyes off that picture. Best one I have seen of David as a mature young man.

    Love the hair too.

    Check out the muscles in his neck and upper back/shoulders. Whew!

  6. Your very welcome HG.

    Isn’t it a great picture……hope there is a picture just as good for the next CD cover.

  7. ummm… speechless. WOW! FINALLY an amazing picture. Strong, draws you in closer, closer closer, closer! thoughtful, look, hot hot hot! Actually looks like David! Please let this be the cover! And let this photographer do to cover for David’s next album!

  8. 😯 VERY NICE!!!!! Does it spoil the conversation by suggesting that David strongly resembles #manincap ?

  9. Wow. He looks better every time I look at it.

  10. This is just…WOW! Now, is it too much to ask that what’s inside the cover be equally as well done? I’m kinda worried about this, as I’ve heard they are using a local author. (She’s probably a friend of the guy who does the MS Paint stuff…)

    • Utahmom, what do you know of the ghost writer assigned to this?

      • Her name is LuAnn Brobst Staheli. She tweeted awhile back that she was working on David’s book. I hate to say anything negative, cuz she’s a very nice, dedicated lady, but I’ve read her blogs, and her writing doesn’t have much energy or emotion, but that’s jmo. What concerns me is that she’s a teacher trying to become an author, so her writing resume is sparse, and mostly local. She also has a history of making herself useful to celebrities and quasi-celebs, regardless of her actual qualifications, so that makes me wonder if she’s really the best person for the job. (Reminds me of the fan who was going to run the “official” website–that turned out well…)

      • I think someone is very confused. I’m not working on Archuleta’s book, although I wouldn’t mind the opportunity. I’m working with David Osmond. And I’m not just starting a writing career or very local. I’ve published two nationally released books (Psychic Madman; When Hearts Conjoin) and many, many, many national magazine articles (16; Superteen; The Writer; Scouting among them). I’ve written for the Osmond family since 1988, including newsletters for the Osmond Brothers, Marie, and 2G, as well as scripts to Stadium of Fire. I’m also an editor with a string of award-winning books that I’ve worked on. Yes, I do also teach school, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write as well. Most authors do have additional careers of one kind or another.

    • I just read thru her blogs. She’s definitely a friend of the guy who does the MS Paint stuff. 😥 Below is the tweet she sent out in Jan. Maybe those Osmonds will keep her so busy that she doesn’t have time for D’s bio.

      “@DavidArchie. Talked w/ David Osmond about me writing your biography w/ you. Working on his and his dad’s right now.”
      10:07 AM Jan 31st

      • The co writer listed (by FOD AFS) is Monica Haim, a Reggae loving Jewess. I knew that was too good to be true. Learned a lot obout Rastafarianism, had no idea it’s roots were in the OT. She noticed the familiar words (Kings David, Solamon etc.) in the Reggae songs and investigated. Imagine David with her and her Hadisic (sp?) Reggae singing friends.

      • That sounds like a fabulous mix to me! 😛

  11. An off-topic walk down memory lane. I recently rediscovered this song, and I love it:

  12. Leaked song…….who knows if this would end up on the album…..

    David Archuleta – She’s Not You.mp3


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