Daily Archives: February 19, 2010

“Heaven”: My Two-Year Anniversary of “Hello, Gorgeous!”

Now that AI Season 9 has concluded its Hollywood rounds, I’m disappointed that no one has emerged as a clear favorite (and don’t even get me started on that nonsense in which Aaron Kelly is being compared to our David – Pffft!).

But it does bring back fond memories of David’s own Hollywood Week when I was first introduced to him. Here is my two-year anniversary celebration of that moment.

These are some snippets of what I blogged about David when I caught his performance of “Heaven” during AI Season 7 and saw his face, and heard The Voice, for the first time ever:

I came upon this adorable little boy (love, love, want to kiss him all over, but he’s sooooo not of legal age!) singing “Heaven,” one of my favorite ballads from the eighties.

… I’ve got a crush! 🙂 

So, I now find myself pleading to my faithful readers to remind me of my pledge to swear off this show [American Idol] and NOT get sucked into it again because of an adorable 16-year-old named David Archuleta singing a ballad “from his heart,” he says. Sigh.

Have you ever had that rush of awe and that feeling of Cupid’s arrow piercing right through your heart just on first sight and sound?  Well, I’ve been in love before, but David was my first time “celebrity crush,” which struck me so deeply, I’ve since realized – two years into this thing called superfandom – that this is the real deal of “Celebrity Love,” no mere “crush” this is! 

So, in honor of that “first time ever I saw his face” – Helloooooo, Gorgeous, and all that – here is My Angel singing “Heaven”:

Remember this reprisal and full version in Salt Lake City?

So, in celebration of that wondrous moment, here is a re-post of my first fan video tribute: