SexyBack and Archuthighs: Who’s Noticing?

Our David is growing up! And in all the right places too!  

If you’ve been paying attention in Archuworld, you’ll realize that others are just discovering what we’ve been noticing since David whipped out those jeans.  He’s literally bringing “Sexy Back,” not to mention those incredibly incredible Archuthighs.  Everyone from Tabloid Prodigy to Perez Hilton are now weighing in on David’s endowments since his performance with Jordin Sparks at last weekend’s Sparks Experience in Miami during Super Bowl Week.  All I have to say is: where have you all been? Are you just now noticing? Pfft!

After my first glimpse of my beloved two years ago this month – when he was singing “Heaven” during Hollywood Week on AI – after I purred, “Helloooo, Gorgeous!” at my screen, and right after having heart palpitations when he sang the first few notes on this song – I subconsciously registered, “Damn, what big thighs you’ve got!”  

Later that season, during his homecoming in Utah, David walked up some steps onto a stage when he visited his high school.  The Fox TV cameras followed him from behind to give us a full view, and although David was wearing a long hooded grey sweater, there was still enough of a glimpse to observe: “Awww, David’s got a cute little tush, doesn’t he?”  I do believe it was around this time that Idol Forums included a thread titled “David Has a Nice Butt!!” or words to that effect. 

So, now that our bb is growing up, working out, and filling out, the big question is: When are we going to get somebody sensible on Team David to properly market his sexiness?  I mean, somebody professional needs to take control ’cause David’s too shy to consciously amplify this image, and do I really need to remind you about who’s on his team?  If they can’t even update his bio in the Sparks Experience program on his current music career, are they going to update his sex appeal? Puh-lease!

Here’s hoping David gets somebody with a “Queer Eye” who knows how to market to a wide range of audiences and bring out the swag and the thighs and the other …ahem… endowments: from some real killer jeans to some new choreographed moves to amplify the ArchuWalk (swoon).  When you consider so many folks in the industry have to do major makeovers, here they’ve got the Voice and Heart of an Angel attached to the Face of Adonis and the Body of an Olympian God… GAH!  This isn’t hard… Get to it, TeDA! 

I mean, as of now, folks are asking questions and gently pointing out the obvious.  With some more polish, we mere mortals shouldn’t be asking obvious questions and subtly observing things.  We should be gobsmacked and knocked out on the floor! 

Well, all in due time, I’m sure. 😉  And, I must say, as a fan base, we’ve come a long way.  Remember how we used to have verbal fights over what was “appropriate” to discuss about David and what wasn’t?  Ah, how quaint we were, as Arch Angels, having to convince ourselves that it was okay to acknowledge, let alone gush like schoolgirls, that David in all his youth was all kinds of sexy.  It’s a good thing he’s so devout.  Otherwise, he would have been fair game a looooong time ago if he weren’t.

Not that we Archies are all grown up.  Just the other day, I saw a post on a popular David fansite warning him to “avert his eyes” because he appeared in a photo with one of his songwriters, who wore a low-cut blouse.  Since she didn’t seem all that exposed, it took everything in me to ignore the post rather than comment, “David is growing up, and so should you!”  But I let it go and just rolled my eyes.

So, now that it won’t be long before the rest of the world notices what we’ve known all along, here’s hoping for fruitful, honest, and intriguing (as opposed to puerile or vulgar) conversations about David’s undeniable sex appeal.  One can always hope.

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  1. So many in the fan base don’t want to even go there. It is a fact that his sexiness is as much a part of him as his monstrous vocal talent, his giving nature, his goodness and inspiring persona.

    That part of David will not be denied anymore than anything else that he exemplifies because it just is what it is. And that makes about as much sense as anything else I am capable of uttering. Maybe you still know what I mean. eh?

  2. Yes, Ram, I most certainly do!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed that one day David will take the reigns and embrace his sex appeal. I have little to no hope for TeDA getting a clue on how to market David. I mean, these are the same people who axed an opening act for David because they went on the artist’s myspace page and found the f-word. Seriously?!?! Time to stop trying to shelter him IMO – your mileage may vary.

    • To respond to your thoughtful points, I actually don’t think it’s up to Team David. I think it is David himself who is encouraging his marketing as such. David is very devout in his Mormon religion in his private life, much more than he lets on publicly. I learned this first-hand last summer. He is not being sheltered — this is his world view: “marriage, faith, and family values.”

      • Thanks for clarifying Freo. It’s difficult for me to sort out what is coming from TeDA and what is from David himself since I tend to avoid the religious stuff. It just makes me uncomfortable and I don’t agree with many of the church’s views on things so I take the “it’s none of my business” approach to anything involving his faith. I guess as long as he’s content with things in his life that’s all that matters. I just want to to hear/watch him sing. 🙂

  4. I will be the first to admit that David has a hot body. But he has been indoctrinated into a religion (which he appears to take literally) with slogans such as “modest is hottest” (don’t even get me started on that), and outright (even tasteful) displays of sexuality, which I personally believe is a healthy expression of exploring and getting to know one’s body and natural sexuality, not a thing of shame. I doubt that we will ever see him embrace, much less consciously display his beautiful sexuality and body.

  5. With all due respect, Freo, I certainly wasn’t talking about David’s religious beliefs. I’m talking about his sex appeal and how that gets conveyed via his public image, which is not necessarily tied to his personal mores.

    I mean, Michael Jackson was a devout Jehovah’s Witness (which is a religion that shares the same sexually conservative views as Mormons), but that didn’t impede upon his sex appeal – it just kept it from ever being over-the-top risque. The same is true for artists like Prince and athletes like Venus and Serena Williams.

    There are all kinds of public figures who never let on just how devout (or wild or whatever) they are behind-the-scenes. Why should this have any bearings on David’s image?

    Besides, just because we might never get David to pose topless doesn’t mean we won’t get to see him be sexy in other ways. As the Orrly folks already said: what do you think those “killer jeans” are about? Or, is that just a case of “accidental” sexiness?

    • I think we can agree to disagree there. I don’t think it is possible for David to separate his personal values from public image.

  6. Hi SDers!
    I haven’t commented much because, let’s face it, there isn’t much to comment on, unfortunately. I liked his duet with Jordin and wish he could do more collaborations like this.

    Honestly, I’m starting to lose hope regarding David’s career moves or the lack of them. Everything seems to be so difficult and sparse. Come on, Jive, Azzof and co! As HG says, what could be so hard when you have a vocal talent with the right looks? I also agree with Freo that many of David’s current limitations seem to be self-imposed, and if this is true, what can a fan do but sigh in resignation?

    HG, I felt the same way when I read that comment on FOD. Gosh, when will they stop this nonsense. Look David, look and enjoy! I want to scream.

    HG, I thought you’d like to know that Alicia Keys was shooting a music video in Rio de Janeiro today. Beyoncé, who’s been here since Saturday for shows in São Paulo and Rio was there, too. Apparently they also sang together in the video. They looked beautiful in the sunlight with their colourful outfits. the singing sounded pretty good, too.

    • Valbraz – Welcome Back. Beyonce is also supposed to go Trinidad to perform for one night – Feb 11th. When I was there recently tickets were sold out almost immediately.

  7. Let me also add:

    Since any and all talk about David’s “Sexy Back” and “Archuthighs” is an opportunity to fantasize and adore our favorite idol, can’t we just, you know, talk about David’s hotness without being reminded that he’s the “type to say no”? I mean, it’s not like any of us have the opportunity to jump his bones or anything. We’re not trying to deflower him or something – at least not beyond our fictive little worlds. 😉

    So can we, um, agree to not talk about the things that are so not hot and focus on the things that are? I’m with Jayla when it comes to David’s personal faith issues: “it’s none of my business.”

    • You’re funny, HG!

      But I’m sorry. I see a white shirt, a black tie and pants and all hotness is gone for me.

      Give me a tight-fitting black v-neck pullover or t-shirt and black jeans and I’m game. 😉 I love his looks on the ALTNOY video – the greyish-blue pullover bring out his gorgeous dark hair and glowy skin.

      • Well, Valbraz, you gotta admit that, were it not for those very plain looking white shirt, tie, and pants, we would not have had a chance to check out his other… assets! 😉

      • “Give me a tight-fitting black v-neck pullover..”

        Oh my, I’m having flashbacks of his show in Duluth, MN last March. I was there in person to witness that marvelous outfit. Fond memories to say the least. 😉

  8. Hi Valbraz! 🙂 Good to hear from you!

    So that’s where Alicia and Beyonce are hanging out! Wish David could get that same opportunity.

    I’m actually encouraged by the co. David’s been keeping of late. Makes me think he’ll have some cool soul tracks on his new album!

    Guys, don’t lose hope just yet! He’s, what, 19? It’s much too early to lose hope that David is going to break out in a major way. All in good time, folks!

    Besides, there’s only so much “self-imposed” limitations an artist puts on himself before he makes major decisions to move forward in his career or leave it altogether. David is going to make comfortable choices that will not cause him to “sellout,” “sell his soul,” or “sell himself short.”

    Does that make sense?

    Then again, I have not met David personally and, therefore, have not witnessed this “Jesus Freak” fanatic I keep hearing about. David seems pretty normal to me, and if all this is an illusion, then I’m happy to keep it.

    But, everytime someone mentions how damn fine David is, someone somewhere always has to bring up his religion (whether it’s a fellow LDSer or a non-Mormon who’s offended by the religion), and I end up feeling like I was just about to get hot and bothered before someone has thrown a bucket of cold water on me!

    I want to indulge in my fantasy, dammit! No “but he’s a prude!!” comments allowed! Hmmph!

  9. David is…THE TOTAL PACKAGE! WOOT!!!
    (He was blessed with good “genes/jeans” LOL!)
    I can only hope, with all the hoopla about the aforementioned “asset”, that David will still dress as attractive/hawt?

  10. As always, great post HG! Also, it’s been fun reading all of the comments. One of the things I find most appealing about David is that he doesn’t seem to realize just how appealing he is.

    Given his strong desire to do more sophisticated music and to possibly duet and or tour w/artist older and more mature than Miley and Demi, I believe he will work on his personal brand/image. I mean, he did select the photo for his debut album cover. I also recall seeing quite a few photos from that shoot — tight red shirt, fitted jeans, and a nice belt buckle to spare. If he did it be before, he can reinvent himself again.

    • Good point, desertrat, but he also selected the Christmas album cover :-\

      I actually think the first album cover and initial image they tried was more Jive’s doing. I really hope David won’t be steering his image in a more whitebread direction. Fresh, youthful, current while staying within his standards? That can definitely work. The Matt Clayton pics for example. It’s a fine line though before becoming overly cheesy…

      • Hi Little M,
        I definitely like your idea of fresh, youthful, current while staying within standards. I don’t understand why contrived sexiness has to be the only benchmark for success. While many of us crave a ‘hotter’ image for David given his god-given physical assets, ultimately he is the one who has to be comfortable with his image. He has already made strides since AI and has to balance his personal values with cultural pressure for sexiness in order for us to enjoy what we currently have from him. (Per David, he only used to wear baggy pants before AI). Also how many times would we wait with bated breath to see whether or not he would chuck the ever-present scarf or trusty hoodie – in summer! It took almost an entire summer tour for us to see his arms sans accessories – LOL!

        Time IS on his side but I believe David will pick and choose what makes him comfortable in baby steps. Fans also really need to get off his back about what’s appropriate for him. I say – Let David decide for himself.

        HG, I also like your idea of accidental sexiness. Did David really think when deciding on that outfit that – I’m gonna give them something to talk about? Haha! NOT!

        I only hope that the all the recent OTT attention on a certain body part does not sound the death knell for tucked-in shirts or short-sleeved anything in the future. Here’s hoping…:)

      • Joymus, I like your comment about “contrived sexiness.” You’re right, that doesn’t always work. Case in point: Jordin. Didn’t her image from “One Step at a Time,” for example, seem so much more authentic to her? The message of that song was uplifiting and universal, and it did much, much better on pop radio than the contrived sexiness of “S.O.S.” Why couldn’t she keep that image?? Hopefully Jive learned from that mistake…

  11. Good points, Desertrat and so true about his debut CD cover (not sure what decision was made with CFTH however).

    Alas, I am tuning into American Idol – this is the time of the season when I start paying attention since this is Hollywood Week. Hence why I missed David’s auditions because I deliberately avoid the trainwrecks.

    BTW, must they be so obvious that they’re trying to get a girl winner after 2 seasons of boys? It’s so transparent (already!) that the judges are going to put through 12 really strong female contestants and 12 competent to mediocre male contestants (not to mention I have a feeling they will avoid the “cute guys” with nice voices so – yay! No David Archuleta-wannabe-because-they-really-can’t-live-up-2-the-hype-anyway contestant!) for their Top 24. Just wait and see.

    • haha you’re totally right HG. I think somehow they decided that since the guy winners haven’t been as commercially successful as the girls, they need a girl to reinforce the legitimacy of the title. Thing is, the show seems to have run its course. How much more fun would it have been if Paula was there to hear that cool rendition of “Straight Up”? sigh.

      And it’s funny but strange how they continue to refuse to give Michael Castro airtime!

      • I don’t think Michael Castro’s name was included in the Top 24 spoiler list.

      • BTW, I really liked that Crystal Bowersox, I think all the signs are pointing to a female winner this year. Perhaps Aaron Kelly will be on tomorrow? I’m thinking whether he wins or not, country seems to take care of their artists. He will probably make a bunch of money for the novelty like a male version of LeeAnn Rimes. I do not think there are any teen male country stars currently.

  12. I really hope David won’t be steering his image in a more whitebread direction.

    Hmmm, the whole CFTH CD seemed like a Jive hands-off project, so I wouldn’t read too much into that. Not to mention it’s not really in the same trajectory with his pop music stuff. That David helped choose his debut CD cover leaves reason to hope that he’s making competent decisions about his career. Don’t forget: David was questioning the other day if he “still looks 13” after some folks in Honduras told him this. Methinks he will take more care to project his age and some maturity.

  13. Good for you HG! I’m so tired of “David wouldn’t approve” and “you can’t say that” THE DUDE IS HOT and yes I’d tell him to his angelic face if he asked me. LOL

    • That’s what I’d like to hear! 🙂

      • You said the magic words “queer eye”… Did you do that to bring some of us (me) back from the dead?? Well, I’ve not been dead but just haven’t been compelled to speak out on the conversations going on…until NOW! When I saw that video with David’s infamous walk on, I must have looked like a cartoon character with his eyes hitting the computer screen! Whoa!! Sorry, Perez, you are way off with the negatives…that was great buttage footage!
        HG, I am surprised to hear that you haven’t met David in person. At my last encounter at Christmas I couldn’t help but notice (while just inches from his face)…how perfect it all was, face, wardrobe AND how it was being worn. I think that David knows exactly how to pull himself is evident in the shopping vids. There’s a queer eye influence going on there for sure. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, David is one smart cookie… He knows what he is doing and I for one, am really glad for that!

  14. I don’t think it is possible for David to separate his personal values from public image.

    My question for you, Freo, is: why do you care about his “personal values” and how it can’t be separated from his “public image”?

    Is it an issue of being disappointed that you may never get to see David shirtless at some time in his career?

    What makes you think David can’t separate the private from the public? Seriously, the man is making music and has a Twitter account, where if he wanted to proselytize his faith to his devoted fans, he could have easily done so by now. The closest he came to this was on his Christmas album, and even then, it was in some liner notes, with David getting personal with his audience to let us know what was the inspiration behind his singing. That’s the closest we got to his church leanings, and it was hardly a preachy message.

    I’m just asking because this is not the first time you have reminded us about David’s faith issues, and it’s also not the first time you’ve made assumptions about his worldview based on said faith issues – from sex to marriage to “family values” (whatever that buzzword is supposed to convey).

    For crying out loud, Mormons were once rumored to be racist rednecks who don’t let black people into their churches. If I were to go on such assumptions about David’s faith, that assumption alone would preclude me from ever listening to his music, let alone blogging about the guy and being a devoted fan. Obviously from the company David keeps to his willingness to give props to black artists, his actions disprove all kinds of rumors about the church he belongs to – or at least shows David as an individual who’s following his own values (church-based or not).

    Me, I’m just trying to enjoy the music (and the view while I’m at it).

  15. Hi Mike! 😉 So many of you folks have been “hibernating.” First, Valbraz, and now you! I assumed it was the combination of Winter and the “Archudrought” with the drip, drip, drip of tweets and rumored performances and appearances.

    Anyway, can I just say that I need to cite you from now on: “that was great buttage footage!” The images conjured is just … I’m speechless! I’ve seen David LIVE but haven’t met him in person, sorry to say. I hope to remedy this in the near future.

  16. All I’ve got to say is… David is Hot, Hot, Hot. I can’t help it, that’s just the way i see him. Skin, hair, that face!, his thighs, the tight little butt (and that picture in his black dress pants is an illusion). I think he likes to look good, that he loves the screams when he’s on stage, that he enjoys that he makes his fans mute when they meet him, and he does it all without being in the least arrogant or “contrived”. I don’t think he tries to do it, I don’t think he quite understands it. Give me a “Don’t Let Go” video and I’ll show you HOT. 🙂

    • “I think he likes to look good, that he loves the screams when he’s on stage, that he enjoys that he makes his fans mute when they meet him…”

      I TOTALLY agree!! 🙂

      Breaking David news:
      David is at the House of Blues to catch Benton Paul’s concert. Per several tweets, Nick Jonas and KSM are also in the audience.

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