Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

AI Rewind Series #4: When the Tide Changed

Considering that there was a recent discussion going down memory lane and recalling David’s infamous “church slacks,” I thought it appropriate to include his stellar rendition of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s version of “When You Believe.”  Since everyone seemed more distracted by what he wore and paid less attention to how he brought out the “soul” in this Disneyesque song, I was not at all surprised that David Cook would catch up to David in a big way.

In fact, I remember how truly pissed I was when the only thing Simon could say about this performance was how he just knew this would be the song David selected (so many levels of implications here: it’s Disney, it’s “safe,” it’s “treacly,” as he loves to say in such a derisive manner), and I knew David would be in trouble.  Not least because Cook then followed up later that night with this:

Don’t get me wrong: this is the only song from Cook that I actually downloaded because I did like his rock-grunge spin on one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs.  But I absolutely hated Simon when his response to this performance was how he “came out of karioke hell to a breath of fresh air.”  Meh.  Cook was good, but puh-lease, David’s rendition of “When You Believe” was not “karioke hell.”  

Nonetheless, I saw where this competition was headed, and while this was when the mantra began of Cook being “original, current, amazing,” blah blah blah, I knew there was a difference between turning popular R&B ballads into emo-rock concoctions and actually having the SOUL in THE VOICE to endure in whatever genre of music exists. This is why David resonated so well and kicked a certain person’s butt during the finale (no matter what the popular vote said).  

As Rascal was fond of saying, underestimate The Archulator at your own risk.