AI Rewind Series #3

Speaking of other ODD developments, did you all know I went over-the-top cuckoo for The Archuwalk just based on this AI finale performance of “Apologize”?  I went wild screaming like the studio audience when he walked out – That WALK!!! That ARCHUWALK!!! GAH!!!!! – I was an addict, I tell ya! And those glory notes and added licks on the song…Whew!

Oh, how the memories come flooding back:

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  1. I love to watch that on DVR-

    DA walks out
    DA walks out

    you get the idea!

  2. I was already a superfan at that point. This performance sent me into another stratosphere of fanhood. I always have been so amazed at the level of perfection in this duet when Ryan Tedder said he didn’t even know he was performing on idol until the last minute. And two years later after seeing phenomenal performances from David on a regular basis, it doesn’t surprise me.

  3. This was a beautiful performance. David teamed with Ryan Tedder was a great move. The original youtube video for this performance had two million views! That gas been pulled by youtube…….don’t ask me why??

    Here is a beautiful HQ version of the same performance enhanced by DavidArchuletaSpain:

  4. OMG! Who was that guy? He owned the stage like never before!! This performance started my youtube addiction. I ordered tickets to the Idols tour, for the first time ever, on this night. Yeah. I’d say it made an impact!

  5. After seeing the Archuwalk, my bad habits began as I transitioned from being a huge fan to becoming and ODD fan. Often I was late for work rewinding that walk over and over again. During the evenings, I wouldn’t answer the phone because I was too busy watching this video. Back then, I didn’t realize there were blogs where fans discussed their ODD. I thought I was loosing my mind. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      haha…. same here. I was not on any AI fan site, IDF, or any of them. Had not even goggled David, but I watched religiously every week and voted. Not the obsessive voting because I did not know people did that. But considerng I had not voted for anyone since Season 1, for me it was alot. That performance made me fall on the floor. It was one of the best of the season. After the finalie, I was lost without my weekly dose of David. I figured it must be on the web…goggled which led to You Tube. From there I discovered FanBlast & got ODD certified.

  6. I love the delayed reaction cheers when the audience to David’s right can first see him. A glimpse of David as the star he would soon become.
    I love David’s solo Apologize, ironic that I think Ryan Tedder is well-not
    in David’s league as a vocalist or person.

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