AI Rewind Series #2

This performance is really the beginning of my ODD.  I had been religiously following David on AI, from “Heaven” on up to the finale, but I knew that “And So It Goes” would hook me on The Archulator well past his tenure on the show.  Two years in, and here I am (here we are).

Something about hearing The Voice in a capella for the first time, and that extended note on “and soooooo it goo-o-ooes” at the end just made my heart leap.  I was haunted the entire week afterwards and was so nervous about him NOT winning.

But, the rest, as they say, is history. It’s truly a magnificent performance and one that I don’t think gets enough credit.

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  1. YES!…..this was my favorite song for the whole AI7 season!

    I read somewhere that AND SO IT GOES was one of the most underrated performances of the season.
    Wish I could remember who it was that said that.

  2. Whenever I’m really stressed out, this is the song I play. I sit back and listen to it w/my eyes closed. Beautifully done! Also, this was my fav outfit for David. I spy his proud parents, abuelita, and dean kaelin at 2:03.

    BTW, Simon’s nonchalant comment re. this performance confirmed for me that the show was a sham and that D probably wouldn’t win.

  3. This performance just makes my heart ache it is so beautifully done. I have to agree that it was the most underrated performance of the season.

    How can anyone who listens to this not be affected is more than I can understand.

    I also really liked Longer…of course both of these songs just remind me of my younger years. 🙂

  4. Haircut/style also nice here 🙂 I am no hair texpert but I think I like it longer on the sides, & kinda more even all over, so he does not get that faux hawk think on top.

  5. Tweet from eman (@EmanuelKiriakou):

    “@davidarchie week continues with @lileddieohyeah and @jesscatesmusic…I don’t want to speak too early but this one is SPECIAL!!!!” 3:57 PM Jan 29th

    I really like Jess Cates; he seems like a humble, sensitive guy. I noticed that most of David’s songwriters seem to be young. I wonder if legends like Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Paul Anka or Robin Gibb ever invite newer artists to work with them.

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