New Digitized Ways to Keep Up with The Voice!

I’m super excited since I’m a sucker for digital technology.  Check out the latest reports on Apple’s new ipad! 🙂

Sounds like a good-old-fashioned writing “pad” except it’s … electronic! With an iphone and kindle to boot!  Just think: in two months, we’ll have a gadget that will allow us to listen to David’s new album, ponder his latest tweets, drool over his latest pics and vids, AND read his first memoir, Chords of Strength (provided it’s digitally available).  

It sounds like the perfect “medium” to channel our favorite “Angel.” 😉

Can’t wait! 😛 

In other news, this is the 2-year-anniversary of David’s audition as it aired on American Idol (I didn’t discover him until “Heaven,” so I’m going by Snarkies’ report):

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  1. raelovingangels

    I saw this…. was so intrigued by David. It is interesting to look at Simon’s smile. He can’t help it. And unlike many auditions, even good ones where Simon holds his hand up to stop the person before they are done, David was allowed to sing the whole song. Yep, even good ole Simon was mezmorized!

  2. The ipad is nice; I hope it has internet connectivity so we can search David fan sites. 🙂

    Those songwriters are hilarious. I’m glad Ds’ working w/such a diverse group. None of them seem limited to a specific genre of music.

    As for Mr. Simon, I see him like Brett Favre. The drive, ambition and inner conceit that took him to the top will also take him down if he doesn’t watch it.

  3. Upcoming Albums……….yeah…..

    David Archuleta – TBA (Jive/Zomba)


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