Daily Archives: January 23, 2010

Missed Opportunity, or an Immense Opportunity?

I tend to agree with both sides of the debate. I wish David could have sung Prayer of the Children for last night’s Hope for Haiti telethon.  But given the short time frame and the fact that David even got to participate in any way at all, I’m at peace with how things turned out. Honestly, I’m glad, with all the A-listers that participated, that room was made for some local Haitian talent to be apart of the spectacle.  

And from David’s tweets, he’s just honored to even be part of the line-up in answering our phone calls.  I’m loving the David and Selena pics btw. 😉

In other news, congratulations to David’s favorite charity, Invisible Children, for winning the Chase Community Giving $1 million prize after garnering the most votes on Facebook (I’m sensing more of David’s “Star Power” on this one too)!