Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

Fantasia for Real, David for Real

Lordy Lordy! What’s this I’m hearing about Fantasia starring in her own reality TV show?! 

It looks like, after Flavor Flav and New York, Fantasia has to join the ghettofabulous tradition of starring in a VH1 Reality TV show this month called Fantasia for Real?

What in the world?!!

I’m just shaking my head.  See, after David and after Melinda Doolittle, I have always admired Fantasia among the Idols (well, perhaps tied with Ruben and Jennifer Hudson).  During Season 3, she was not my favorite contestant – like David, my fav was J-Hud! 🙂 

But I knew talent when I heard it.  She won me over with her rendition of “Always On My Mind,” and she blew me away with “Summertime.”  And to this day, not one Idol coronation song was delivered as emotionally wrenching as Fantasia did when she sang “I Believe” to victory:

I get  teary every time. It’s the difference between a vocalist and a mere singer.   A vocalist can take some sentimental, shlocky tune and turn it into something profound.

Fantasia, like David, has that uncanny ability to “take a song to church” (which is why I still wonder, at times, what the coronation song, “Time of My Life,” might have sounded like if David sang it with all the emotion needed).  

Like David, when Fantasia is in the moment, she too can get carried away with a song.

Exhibit A – “Lady Marmalade”:

Exhibit B – Soul Medley (especially “Purple Rain” beginning at 3:15 – I never knew one could catch the Spirit to Prince of all people):

She is chock full of talent, which is why I’m sorely disappointed that, to get a little attention and to help launch a new single, she had to go down the ghettofabulous reality TV route.

So, I started thinking: if David had his own reality show, David for Real, would I be wringing my hands too?  

Considering the premise is less about Fantasia and more about her sponge-like, hangers-on family, would David have a similar story to tell? *cough* #manincap *cough* You know, for me, the issue would be about his artistic integrity, even though, on an ODD level, it would be more of a joyous all David, all TV, yippee!! opportunity.  

Does going from one reality show (like AI) to another (your own on VH1) make much difference anyway?

Who am I kidding?  This reality TV adventure takes away from Fantasia’s musical credibility, and I’m disheartened that this is a viable alternative to life after Idol.

Let’s hope someone like David has several more options!