So Glad David Was on AI the Season He Was On…

Because the buzz-worthy news is not about who Season 9 contestants will be, but if Ellen and Simon will get along!

See Preview.

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  1. I guess Randy and Kara are the support characters. 🙂 Ellen & Randy seem like they can work w/anyone; I expect Kara and and Simon to bump heads.

    Changing topics, interesting interview w/Fantasia. During the 1st 10 min., she discusses how naive she was starting out. She simply just wanted to sing & didn’t pay attention to the business side of her work. Now at 25, she knows what to expect from her managers, accountants, etc. Her family exploited her kindness too but she’s working thru that.

  2. EW? Ewwww,

    • Exactly, Peter!! Why did my sister-in-law gift me a subscription of this magazine? lol Thank goodness it ran its course.

      I have a friend who says she will watch Idol now because Ellen is going to be on. I think she’s like a lot of people who don’t take Idol seriously in terms of finding talent. The show has lost credibility each year, but it doesn’t change the fact that some pretty darn good singers have come out of the show. Well, I don’t need to tell you guys 🙂

  3. I just don’t get why “Ellen” as a judge? What does she know about singing talent?
    I never forgot how vocal she was about not liking DavidA the night BEFORE the final voting session. Very unfair, I thought.

    • I hear you, Burkey. There’s no forgiveness in this heart for Ellen or Simon, let alone EWwwwww or AI. Maybe one day, if they apologise. Heh.

      • Yeah. I’ve held a grudge against Ellen since then too. She said something like it seemed, to her, that David had been “bred to do this”. Her slick way of suggesting the pushy stage dad thing as if a good number of the contestants hadn’t been singing at a young age. Didn’t her boy, Cook, say he started singing at 7??

        Maybe I’m too sensitive when it comes to David, but I also think Ellen showed him no love when he was on her show. Did she really have to agree with him that his lettuce boy story was lame? Ugh.

  4. Have you ever seen this photo?

  5. Great link Desertrat-I thought Fantasia looked great
    and has learned a lot about the business of music in
    the school of hard knocks. I worry about David’s $$
    management, I’m sure what isn’t covered by #manin
    cap is handled by “family friends”. I don’t care who
    gets what as much as David ending up with a huge
    tax lien in a few years. Per Fantasia “watch your back-
    nobody (including family,lawyers,accountants) else is”.

    • I’m spamming now. 🙂

      It’s sad Fantasia had to go thru so much to learn her lesson. I saw a video clip where Donny Osmond was describing how much he and Michael Jackson had in common. As friends, the 2 of them often discussed their relationships w/dictatorial-like fathers and how they wanted to break away from family, pursue their own dreams and do things their way.

    • I heard that Jeff has 10 percent cut of David’s earnings, but that was second-hand information and I would not take it as fact. Of course he’ll never say a word or complain, but he’s probably supporting his whole family, and not to mention others who work with him.

  6. I can forgive Ellen but I’ll never forget. Plus, the only regular I (mildly) care for on AI is Randy. Ryan and Simon are lucky Ellen was selected vs. a Wanda Sykes or Kathy Griffin. The latter 2 would have a field day cracking jokes on the judges and their antics.

    Speaking of Wanda Sykes, she loved David and called him “magical”. I wonder why we Archies haven’t campaigned to get him on her new show. She’d be more inclined to have him than Oprah.

    • That’s a good point, Desertrat. Wanda Sykes and David together would be all kinds of hilarious! 😛

      • Yeah, plus her show is edgy and attracts a diverse demographic. An appearance on her show could gain him lots of new fans.

  7. hi hg and soul david! you may enjoy reading this – i sure did… 🙂

    JANUARY 8, 2010 4:06PM

    Beyond 15 minutes of American Idol Fame

    15 of the Show’s alumni who may have careers to stay.

    David Archuleta (2008 Season Seven, 2nd Place)

    At age 12, Archuleta entered the world of TV talent competitions, winning the junior vocals division of “Star Search 2″. After recovering from a bout of vocal chord paralysis, he took the plunge into the idol world at the tender age of 16. His pristine vocals soon won over a devoted teen audience, along with a good share of older fans as well. His self-titled debut album went Gold, and he scored a huge hit single with “Crush”. Starting out as a tour opener for Demi Lovato, he recently launched his own successful tour of mid-size theaters in support of his brisk-selling holiday album “Christmas From The Heart”. Archuleta is also a recipient of a Nickelodeon “Teen Choice Award” as well as an ALMA Award for “Rising Male Star”. Time will tell if his teen audience will stick with “Archie” for the long-term, but with one of the better male voices ever to come out of idol, our bets are on his survival in the industry.

  8. What?! An Idol All-Stars takeover on Fuse channel on Monday, Jan. 11, and no mention of David Archuleta?


    Sounds more like an ALL 19 takeover to me.

    Of course, if David happens to show up, do let me know.

    See MJ’s for more info:

    • As sucky as his current management is, he’s really better off not being managed by 19. So this does not bother me.

  9. Back to an earlier comment remark … ewwww! Aside from David, I’d put Clay and Jennifer Hudson above several of them. If David can’t be mentioned in the headline, I hope he’s not included at all. I’m glad I don’t get this station.

    • They are working unbelievably hard to make Adam Lambert’s album go gold during Season 9. Eventually, they will probably buy the needed amount of albums…

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