David Dream Sequence #17

David is definitely on my mind.  My subconscious mind that is.

It’s my 17th dream in less than a week! I dreamed that David was featured as a contestant on the new season of American Idol, and I had to learn about all this in hindsight since I didn’t watch the new season.  I learned that David, instead of winning or coming in second again, ended up being voted off in third place.  But, there was a major scandal since many critics didn’t think it was fair for Idol alumni to compete on the same show a second time.  Also, David had gotten involved with one of the fellow contestants – a Latina girl who was around his age.

I spent a good deal of time in the dream surfing the Internet to look at some videos of David’s time on AI this season, but I couldn’t find any.

And then I woke up.

What could this possibly mean?

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  1. Another David dream– hummm, lets see. I think there’s significance to coming in 3rd or the number 3. Perhaps his next album will debut at #3 or come out in the 3rd quarter of the year. Not being able to find videos of his performances could represent a desire to hear new music from D that has been recorded but isn’t available publicly. And that Latina girl, I believe that represents David embracing his culture in the next album.

  2. Thanks for the interpretation! 🙂 What is the connection to American Idol?

    I know that, to return to the show after finishing so highly in the competition, and getting involved with a fellow contestant, are two rules that have been broken in the dream. Considering that David is a rule-follower, what does it mean that he broke two fundamental rules of the show?

    • I am amazed that you’ve had so many dreams about David, HG! And for them to be so vivid! I have only had one dream about David and I can’t even remember what went on.

      I’m lousy at dream interpretation, but I wonder if the AI part means you would like to see David break a few rules this year. And I don’t even know what that would constitute, honestly. I’m definitely not thinking anything OTT. Was there once a discussion about this on TDC or Noting David that somehow crept into your subconscious? Told you I’m lousy at this. If anyone can expound on what they think I’m trying to say, feel free. lol

    • That there’s more to him than meets the eye and we’re up for some surprises this year. I’m ready for rule-breaking David. ;

  3. HG It’s possible that since it was your dream and your mind, maybe the rule breaking has more to do with you than it does David. ha! ha!

  4. Hmmm… interesting. I actually think David is non-comformist. I don’t think about him as a rule follower. Law abiding yes, respectful sure, but not a rule follower, if he believes there is a greater calling or greater good. He just doesn’t flaunt it. They have been advertising AI. When I saw it, it kinda turned my stomach a bit I swear I stressed out so much during thqt stupid show, worrying about him, even though I know it was MEANT to be for David to bring his music to the world. Maybe it coming up has been stirring up some feelings you associate with David and the show.

    Or again, it may be representing change and breaking free from the AI shadow ( rule breaker)

    The Latin girl? I don’t know bout that one….

  5. raelovingangels

    oops- that was odd- at any rate that last comment was mine 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the interpretations, everyone. I’m all for rule-breaking David too! (Provided he stays far away from AI this year). 😛

  7. Someone on IDF found this pic on facebook. Tony Orlando, Ray, Kendra, David, and some others at dinner.

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