Daily Archives: January 5, 2010

Because There’s No Such Thing as Crossing the Line…

Not when pictures like this exist! (Thanks, Rae, and I’m happy to share the link!)

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Some choice quotes:

If some chic wrote a song about what David’s got behind him, I think someone would press charges. I’m thinkin’ Salt n Pepa are the only two females on earth badass enough to sing that shit, so I’m sending them a pic of D’s ass. 

Or, how about this one:

The question is: WHAT IS HE THINKING? Is he getting dressed everyday thinkin’ “Ok, I’ll put these jeans on because they’re super tight and I know they won’t fall down.” OR “Alright, time to saddle up in my lady killers” Does he laugh at us behind our backs because he really knows what he’s doing?

And God bless Abrra for this video: