Daily Archives: January 2, 2010

David Dream Sequence #16

It’s been a good three months since I’ve had a David Dream (I’m actually up to #16!), which came to me the other night.  What could it possibly mean?

I dreamed that I was invited to dinner with David and his friends and family. It looked like it was a birthday celebration dinner in a restaurant – don’t remember the food (maybe it was Thai – heh).

Anyway, David announced that he was taking a break from music so that he could go to college and begin pursuing his other goal to become an Ear Nose Throat doctor (!!).  Some of his friends and family disagreed with him, but he seemed to have made up his mind.  One of his cousins, who was an Ivy League graduate, wished him luck, and David told her that she is someone he’d like to measure up to.  Someone else asked him if he will be giving up a music career permanently, and he replied: “I’ll always keep singing.  That’s not something I’ll just give up.”  

It seemed like I was the only “fan” included at this shindig, so David actually acknowledged me, gazed at me with his sparkling eyes and asked me if I minded such a decision from him.  To my astonishment, I told David: “Well, if you become an ENT doctor, I’ll become a fan of medicine, that’s for sure! You’d be amazing at whatever it is you decide to do, and I’d love to be a patient.”  

David burst out laughing in that glorious David laugh, then patted my hand with his gorgeous big ol’ hands.

And then I woke up.