Fan Fiesta

This tweet gave me a vision of David, sweet sugar plum, dancing in my head! 😛

At the fan fiesta! Jamming to Michael Jackson!

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  1. Oh good lord, there is Jeff hanging all over the place.

  2. I think whether he wants to admit it or not, David is in charge of his career now. And with his name all over that Christmas CD, he should be fine for quite a while.

  3. Eh. Ray is a newlywed coming off a long tour season. He’s on vacation over the holidays. This is a one-off. Did not expect Ray to accompany David on this gig. And David needs someone to help with the details of a performance so he can concentrate on the performance and not the minutia. So I expected to see a certain someone pop up in a photo or two. ha!

    I think David is going to Jason Castro’s wedding on Saturday in Dallas. At least it appears so according to tweets between Brooke White and Jackie Castro. But, Dad is taking brother and brother’s girlfriend snowboarding on Saturday according to brother’s tweets. So I guess after the Sun Bowl they will go their separate ways. David needs no help going to a wedding or traveling by himself. heh

    And Freo, so far I’ve only seen one picture that Jeff got caught in. Other pictures from the same angle show no Jeff. So he got out of the way. Jeff will always be a part of David’s life even if he’s not always managing. So he will be with David on occasion. So, IMO, it’s best to just expect that from time to time.

    • On the chat with Dave F tonight he said no band at the Sun bowl- So if that is the case, Jeff is most likely working and helping out with set up etc. Wonder if David will play keyboard and do` the riddle and some of his other songs to backing tapes (is that the right term>)

    • Sorry Dorman59, I just don’t care for Jeff. I will continue to call him out.

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