David Makes Seventeen‘s Heart Throbs of the Decade List!

Got this news from Snarky Archies:

He may have only been the runner-up on American Idol in 2008, but David Archuleta won the real prize — the love and affection of millions of teen girls (and their moms). This consummate nice boy loves his family and still hasn’t been kissed — he’s waiting for the right girl! It’s no wonder we have a total Crush on this cutie!

Read more: http://www.seventeen.com/dating/special/heartthrobs-of-decade#ixzz0b501beL0

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  1. Thx for posting the list. No Aaron Carter, B2K, Backstreet Boys or Chris Brown? 🙂

    Saw this tweet posted on MJs blog:

    “RT @327dauta I called SunBowl this morning and they told me that David’s performance will NOT be televised.”

    Actually, I don’t recall ever seeing a half-time bowl game show on tv; usu. the halftime is used to discuss all the other bowl games. Maybe David’s performance will be streamed live somewhere.

  2. R.I.P. Totoro


  3. Just FYI All

    “Join us tomorrow evening for a chat with Dave Filice from David’s band! The chat will start at 5 pacific, 6 mountain, 7 central and 8 eastern times.”


    • That’s great about the interview! I may well check that out.

    • Speaking of Dave, he just created a site where u can ask him questions. http://www.formspring.me/davidfmusic

      What’s your most embarrassing moment?

      “First night of the David Archuleta/Demi Lovato tour when I was jumping on the keyboard riser during “Zero Gravity”. Kendra’s keyboard rig was not secured on the stand properly before she came up to play and it ended up tipping over on to her during the chorus. She got hurt and I felt terrible but it was really embarrassing too!!”

  4. This is great publicty but such a title that David would not want.
    Haha David the reluctant “modest is the hottest” Hearthrob of the Decade no less.
    You go David! Whether you embrace it or not you got it going on.

  5. Don’t know whether this has been mentioned:

    Happy belated 19th BDAY to @DavidArchie. Sorry that @joywilliams & I couldn’t meet up yesterday to celebrate. 😦 See you in Nashville soon!
    about 3 hours ago from web

    David in Nashville? I like this a lot for some reason.

    And YAY for hearthrob David!!!!

  6. http://twitter.com/ElPaso411
    One song to be televised per sun bowl twitter.

  7. Another question answered by Dave Filice:

    Will you be touring with David in the future?? or won’t you know until the time comes? Do you have any gigs set up for the near future? Oh, and will you all be going to the Sun Bowl with David? Andrea C (Pittsburgh)

    “I would like to continue working with David. I think he is one of the most talented and genuine artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. And I really like his songs which is always first for me. We’ll see where everyone is at when the time comes but I would really like to continue playing in his band. As for future gigs booked, I am off this week and putting this wonderful and amazing year to rest and taking time off. I will be in the studio a lot in January and February a lot, I know that. Both producing and some session work. As for the Sunbowl, David will be performing on his own. He is a brave man to do that by himself in front of all those people. But he is gonna blow em’ away. He always does.”

  8. David Archuleta, Christmas From the Heart (25,000, -22 percent, 209,000/2,000 digital, +5 percent, 26,000 digital total)

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • So, so glad CFTH hit the 200,000 mark 🙂

    • that is amazing. I am still listening to the album and YAA I JUST GOT ABRAA’S CD IN THE MAIL TODAY- MADE MY DAY. I have to say that CFTH just drips with reverence. It is amazing how he was able to convey that on a CD. We know he does it in concert, but I think he did an outstanding job of doing it on the CD.

  9. Hurray for 209K CFTH albums sold!!

    Picture of the line to see D at the Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta:


  10. I probably should not “verbalize” this because I don’t want anyone
    ( certainly not from this site, as we are such a civilized group) getting any ideas. But if the media keep tooting that same ole mantra of never been kissed, some crazy girl (or guy, or grandma for that matter) somewhere at a VIP is going to pull a Prescilla Presley and actually succed and smack one on him. Oh my.

  11. 20 Biggest Flops of 2009 – David’s not on the list but Kris, Jordin, & Leona are.

  12. David at Sun Bowl Fiesta; he’s not alone.

  13. I just sat in on the GA chat with Dave. It was nice. Well done. He is cool He said that Johnnie B & Ray had been planning the little surprise duet for about a week but the band did not know. Also, I did not realize that Kendra was the Musical Director on the CFTH tour. He raved about her. He was also very complimentary about David

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