8 comments on “Birthday Wish for David

  1. Nice, HG! I am ready for whatever David has in store for us at 19.

    David Archuleta *Twitter Trending Party*


    5pm ET/4pm CT/2pm PT/10pm GMT Mon Dec 28 (USA)
    6AM Tuesday Dec 29 (ASIA)
    10PM Monday Dec 28 (LONDON)
    9AM Tuesday Dec 29 (AUSTRALIA)

    TT: #HappyBdayArchie

  2. Love this stunning video by the lovely gengen.
    Everything about this video is beautiful…the photos, the song , the VOICE !!

  3. Thanks for your words, HG. My nieces and nephews – all in their twenties -seem to understand my love of David but they make jokes sometimes. That’s ok because they get the voice and the soul conection thing.

    I’m so happy for David that his fans are still there for him. Our love is undiminished by the frustrations and doubts TeDa & Jive has caused us.

    Happy Bday, David and Archies! It’s a good day ;)

  4. lovely sentiments! I too hope that David continues to do things on his timetable profesaionlly and personally. Let him be strong always and make his voice heard.

  5. David Archuleta, Christmas From the Heart (25,000, -22 percent, 209,000/2,000 digital, +5 percent, 26,000 digital total)


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