Daily Archives: December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It’s another Christmas in Archuworld, and I for one am glad to be saying that, two years in, I’m still a devoted fan. Last Christmas, we were bedazzled by David’s performances in the Jingle Balls, and this year, David is going solo and inviting comparisons to Josh Groban.

Whatever direction David goes in, I want to be there, and perhaps my blog will be there as well. Not that I can promise anything.  Last year, I did not expect Noting David to disappear within the year, and even then, I never would have guessed the directions this particular Archie community has taken.

Whether you’re along for the ride with the David Chronicles or Soul David, I only hope that you will still be there for David first and foremost.  For those of you who were lucky to hear the Voice live this year, I commend you for your great fortune.  For those who can only access him on the Internet, I hope we will still be here for another year.

And, whatever develops, I’d like us all to be just like David: wanting to be surprised by the future, not knowing what will occur before hand.

As we take each day at a time, each album one song at a time, and each David progression one step at a time, I hope we are all in a warm and cozy place this holiday season.

To you and yours, Merry Christmas!

Of course, no Christmas could be complete without a David Archuleta carol (my favorite from last Christmas season):