A Pleasant Surprise!

I was resigned to having to play catch up earlier this morning when I had to keep a doctor’s appointment.  So, imagine my surprise when, after I checked in, who should greet me in the waiting room but… The Voice! 😀

I immediately recognized the orchestral arrangement of Angels We Have Heard on High, then I heard The Voice, and then I saw the joyous face on TV! How lovely to see our David back in the limelight once more!

I didn’t get to see the interview that preceded the performance (below), but the song was enough to lift my spirits for the rest of the day:

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  1. Carrying over the conversation from the previous thread, I too was VERY proud of D this morning. He may be shy but he sticks to his guns; he didn’t allow the conversation to steer into something controversial. His lack of comment re. Adam’s AMA performance forced them to refocus on him. Smart move!

    For all the things things I was concerned about prior to the release of CFTH, I’m amazed that he doesn’t get asked about his father as exec prod & co-writer of MOC or that CFTH was produced/arranged by folks outside the LA/NYC bubble. Also, there are no specific questions re. his religious beliefs or how he gets his hair so pointy. ;-D

    • LOL! But someone NEEDS to ask him how he gets his hair so pointy!!! 😉

      Yeah isn’t that funny none of our concerns about @manincap didn’t materialize? I guess it’s a lesson…or maybe it’s on the “don’t ask” list? Who knows, but I think things have turned out okay.

      What did you all think about Kathie Lee’s Josh Groban comment? She was basically saying, I think, that the Groban or Buble route has no shame in it, and would be very lucrative for David…

  2. LOL Dorman! I noticed that too. It wasn’t quite the Buble glare, but the glow briefly left his face! I guess it was KLG’s attempt at flattering David, but she obviously doesn’t know that he is SO much more versatile than Groban!

  3. Desertrat, just goes to show: none of this is about #manincap, no matter how hard he tries to push himself in the limelight. I hope he is taking note!

    None of this is about Adam Lambert, either. Poor 19, they’re still trying to make the Glambert “happen,” as Peter likes to say.

    Never have I seen a runner-up crash and burn, while David has been sticking to a “slow and steady wins the race.” Go David!

    He’s supposed to appear on Regis and Kelly this morning! 🙂

    • Thanks for posting! Love David in blue! I’m not a fan of MOC, wish he had done Pat-a-Pan instead but he sounded great! 🙂

  4. Just saw Regis/Kelly. He did a great job singing MOC and in the interview!! When Kelly introduced the song, she said it is a song “he wrote”!!

    • Love seeing him in the big TV screen these days! The camera loves his face and he loves it back. It’s nice to see him filmed by the professionals again — although I love all the fan videos. Almost makes miss the AI days. haha.

  5. david on r/k

  6. Here’s a longer version of the fantastic duet with Ray:

    • You know, what I like about this (besides David just letting go and having fun, playing around with his buddies and the utter hilarity of it) is that HE’S the one that sorta takes control and he LOOKS LIKE THE BOSS.

      A boss who realizes that his people need to blow off some steam after a long, long slog in tense traveling conditions and whatever other stresses a group on tour goes through. And he just goes with it and then starts to LEAD it. Even though on first watch it looks like Ray is leading the hijinks. He is in a way…but he’s not the leader.

      The moment comes when David turns and points to Ray and says, “You gonna take the high part?”

      • Dorman59, I saw what you saw in this video — the take-charge David. What’s also interesting is that, from a different angel, a different David is revealed. In Gengen’s video, filmed from the side, you see the love, kindness, and fondness in David’s eyes toward someone who is essentially an employee. If you just look at David’s eyes and body language without knowing who the other person is, you would think he is duetting with someone he is extremely fond of. Interesting what you see from different camera angles!

      • different “angle”, not “angel”. Must be Freudian slip.

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