David Soothes My Soul: Solemn Series #2

What Child is This:

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  1. How could anyone, anyone!, compare David to Clay Aiken when listening to his rendition of What Child is This?!!

    See following review:

  2. Promo for 12/17 with clips of David.


  3. HG, Plain Dealer is my hometown newspaper and I saw that sarcastic reference to Clay Aiken when I read the papers yesterday, to my great dismay. I wrote to PD when his album first came out, begging the music critic to review it. Well, he did, in a one-sentence review, and completely dismissed him, while giving JB high marks. I am seriously considering canceling my 18-year subscription!

  4. Last week seems to have been great for CFTH. Approximately 55 percent of sales have now been reported, and the current numbers for the album are 19,147. It may have sold more than 30,000 units last week.

    I think the album will do well next year as well. Many of the Christmas albums currently charting were released several years ago. In 2007, Taylor Swift (surprise, surprise!) released a Holiday Collection (surprise, surprise!), which is #3 on iTunes right now (surprise, surprise!).

  5. A tweet and a twitpic (?) from Larry King:

    http://twitpic.com/sl8u7 It’s @DavidArchie ! He sang for our holiday music show airing 12/23

    • Oh my, he’s so bright and smiley with that star shining down on him! He must have been told how well CFTH is selling. 🙂

      Remember this article where David’s maternal grandpa was interviewed after AI by a Honduran newspaper? One of the translated quotes from his grandpa is: “… since birth he has always had that star and tenderness that sets him apart and this is something that will bring him to victory.”


      • i just looked at the Larry King pic again and realized that that’s not a star behind David’s head, it’s a snowflake! Regardless, the stars still shine brightly on him.

    • Why so late? When this happens I wanna curse 19M and TPTB. And TeDa, too. I hope his grandpa is right about his star because David certainly can’t depend on the efficience of those who manage him or the good will of those in the entertainment industry. He deserves better.

      • I agree – he deserves better.

        I am still annoyed that David Cook appeared on Carrie U’s Christmas special tonight on FOX. That’s fine, people like Cook, but what the heck, D has the Christmas CD and the golden voice! Sheesh.

      • raelovingangels

        i tried to watch carrie underwood i actually like her but can you say BORING? i had to change the station.

  6. peter – I found your source!

    Guys – Hits Daily Double has David’s sales for this week and they are terrific. He’s looking to outsell Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, and I’m guessing he may pass Lambert up next week….


    Unbeliveable – with practically no promotion!

  7. Well, we still have ET coming up; I hope this wasn’t another nut case. 🙂

    @damiandayton: “Just filmed David Archuletta for Entertainment Tonight. I hope Hollywood doesn’t ruin this kid. 6:08 PM Nov 25th”

    The Bocelli & Foster special is on tonight in my home; they trump Carrie & Cook. Bocelli/Foster ads are running in btwn songs. They’re selling the cd and a dvd of the concert for $150. I know they’re good but gee … that’s kind of pricey.

    • Interesting tidbit about ET, thanks!

      If David Foster is smart he will include a duet with David on Charice’s debut. 🙂 I really like the pairing of those two together…both young singers known more for their voice than image

  8. I see that Joy To The World is ready to download FREE at itunes

    Just got my free copy.

    Will this count towards any of the chart numbers?

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