Spinning Gold

Someone was in high spirits last night.

Zero Gravity at Anaheim (thanks, Peter! Where did that spin come from? haha!):

Fields of Gold (this keeps getting better):

In other news, here’s the Complete List of Grammy nominations

Alas, David is not on it, but that’s okay – there is always next year! Still, it kinda sucks that songs like “Somebody Out There” didn’t get a chance.  Seriously, Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” as record of the year?! Really?!?! Of course, the news story is the “surprise” in not seeing David Cook nominated for Best New Artist.  I dunno – maybe because I’ve been so caught up in the Archuworld that 1) I didn’t notice Cook was still around and 2) color me completely unsurprised that Cook failed to get a Best New Artist nomination. What exactly did he do this year that was earth-shattering in his debut?

Just because “America” chose the generic over the sublime certainly doesn’t mean the Grammy committee will follow. David just needs phenomenal music productions to match his phenomenal Voice before he finally gets the critical acclaim he deserves.  See FOG as a case in point.

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  1. HG, haha someone in Twitter world commented that that spin was inspired after watching MJ’s ‘This is It’ the night before.

  2. “Pat-A-Pan.” Fantastic. New favorite part: 3:19 – 3:24

  3. (I’m afraid Dave Filice is lip-syncing.)

    • are you serious?

    • I think he’s singing, but there’s also a background track. It’s easy to see in that video.

      • back to look & listen……

      • They’ve always used a lot of David’s recorded backing vocals on these tours. Including the whistling in YEDL. David whistles live in concert but there is more than one person whistling. But it’s all David.

        Same with this tour. A lot the background vocals that David recorded for the album are being used as backing tracks but the guys are singing live also.

  4. Did you all listen to the Dean Kaelin November interview, especially the part where he talks about Taylor Swift’s inability to really sing & why would she be nominated for singer of the year?


    It makes me wonder about all these award shows. What is it exactly that they are looking for in an artist?

  5. tweet from HG

    Death in the family! Not what I was expecting. 😦
    7 minutes ago from web

  6. More “smuggled” videos from Ann Arbor (hehe):

    The Riddle

    then check out the rest under the same person…….

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