Daily Archives: December 2, 2009

Kindred Spirits!

As per David’s recent tweet, I’m so excited he finally got to see This is It!  And even more excited he thought it was “awesome”! 🙂

See, David and I could so hang out.  We’re such kindred spirits, I’m sure!  Let’s see:

1.  We both like Michael Jackson.

2. We both had the same reaction to his movie, This is It.

3. We both loved Up.

4. We both love anything Pixar.

5. We both love music.

6. We both love Kirk Franklin.

7. We both love Eva Cassidy.

8. We both love Stevie Wonder.

9. We both travel with our digital gadgets.

10. We both love Thai and Chinese food.

11.  We both love nutter butters.

12.  We both love Les Miserables: The Concert (still get a kick knowing this broadcast inspired David’s singing at such a young age).

13. We both have mothers from the “Third World” (his from Honduras, mine from the Caribbean).

14. We both have our shy moments.

15.  We both love Christmas!

So, for me, it’s not just that I love the Voice, I love that we have so much in common.  What other star could I say that about?