Close Your Eyes and Think of Me

One of the more pointless “advice” David had received during his run on American Idol was from Andrew Lloyd Weber, who told him to “open his eyes” when he sings. Remember that time, when he was being coached for his performance of “Think of Me”?

All I could think of, when Andrew Lloyd Weber told him that was: What?!

I never found David’s closed eyes to be a distraction, but online, there were so many David haters who were so thankful that someone “finally” told “the kid” to stop such an “annoying” habit.


I’m not one of those audience members who needs a performer to “eyeball” me in some kind of pretend flirtation.  Although I must say, the first time I saw David perform live, and he fixed those sparkling eyes on “me” (yes, I say “me” when he’s looking out “in a sea of people” as if “there was only you”), I got a rush and felt shivers down my spine.  Perhaps there is something to that “eye contact.”

However, I’m just loving these introspective performances when David is just feeling the music and letting it wash all over him.  He’s like a new convert going through a baptism of fire, and he’s just taking us along for the ride.

I had that similar “rush” when I tuned in last night to The David Chronicles Channel, watching some choice videos from his concerts, and the close-ups of his enraptured face just melted my heart.  It was during “Ave Maria,” when the children’s choir kicked in, that you see David – closed eyes and all – just go somewhere else during that moment. It was like watching someone literally transcend his environment. It was chill-inducing witnessing him just disappear into a song.  Of course, by the time The Voice comes back in on the song, you’re right there with him in his divine glory.

I’m telling you: David is the real deal.  My soul is a witness to his spirit. His Voice will continue to take us to those far away places.


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  1. At the airport waiting to fly back to San Diego. Saw the Santa Rosa and SF shows and going to Anaheim tomorrow. Lots to express but don’t want to type it all on my phone. Will check in when I am at a computer. All I can say right now is that the VIP for me was epic (got to chat w/David a bit ) and the concerts…gotta search for the words…

    • Your recaps Mike will be like a big, fabulously wrapped gift! **rubbing hands together in greedy anticipation**

    • Mike, very curious to hear more about your VP chat with David. Glad to hear that you had a great time!

    • raelovingangels

      TELL TELL TELL MIKE; no details to tiny. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      Mike: I heard some guy yell “we love ya David” before he started OHN. Was that you? Sounded like it came from the front, vip section. hmmm

      • That was not me but I heard it as well. There were definitely more men in the audience in San Francisco…After all it is San Francisco… Benton Paul mentioned that it was his favorite city to visit. Got a chance to speak to Benton in Santa Rosa as he was setting up his own merch table. I spoke to him for a few minutes in French as he does a number in French from his time in Paris. He has a great voice and band and I enjoyed them very much both nights.

        As for David, well…I can echo a lot of the sentiment that has already been put forth about the concerts themselves. I was lucky enough to get a front row seat along with Davidfanliz directly in front of David in Santa Rosa. The stage was only about three feet off the ground and we were about three feet from the stage. It was like the LA Tree lighting times 10! When we were on our feet for Zero Gravity we were almost at the same level. Like having a private concert. Were there others in the audience? Could have fooled me. I could focus totally on the whole picture…the movement, the voice, the face, the whole Archuleta. I know others have experienced this so I am sure you can relate. Don’t want to be redundant. What was also elevated for me in this experience was the meet and greet photo session. Back in LA in the summer, I barely got to say hello as we were a bit rushed. This time my strategy worked and I was able to at least have a brief chat and really experience David on a personal level. In SR I told him how I was in the audience at the ALMA’s and how brilliant his performance was, how he commanded the Spanish language in that song and how I could not wait for a total Spanish CD from him. He was gracious beyond belief and said that he too couldn’t wait to do a Spanish CD. Not, hi David, smile for the camera and “next” but a brief exchange like I was talking to an old friend. In SF I told him that I had left him a small gift bag in SR with my copy of Les Miserables in French by the original French troupe. I also told him that his French on the Christmas CD was “parfait”. Again he was thankful and told me that he really worked at it. Brief conversation but a laser lock in his eyes that won’t go away for a long time! Lupe joining him on stage in SF was a big big bonus. BTW, my seat in SF was second row dead center, again barely ten feet away. Can’t wait to see him again tomorrow. Not sure what my conversation will be but I guarantee it will be meaningful.
        Which brings me to this… My own little revelation after these two shows is that my posting and my comments here and on any other blogs are going to be confined to my experience in seeing David in person. That is what it is profoundly about for me. I could care less what number he is on the charts because he is more than that to me. I could care less about how he stacks up against other performers because he is more to me than that. Anything else to me, is counter productive in my David Archuleta experience. Sorry if any offense is taken by anyone but I don’t want anything to interfere with the pure brilliance I experience when I see this musical genius and incredible human being up close and personal. I wish every person on every David blog could have the opportunity to see David in the same capacity in person. It would really make for some great discussion, much like we have after each show to compare “notes”.

        On to Anaheim…

      • Wow, Mike, you’re so lucky! What an opportunity! What will you ask him in Anaheim?! I’m so excited that he wants to do a Spanish CD!! 😀

  2. CFTH is #28 on the iTunes main chart.

  3. Hits Daily Double, final figures (the Billboard numbers are usually a little lower):

    1. Susan Boyle 670,000
    2. Andrea Bocelli 215,000
    3. Adam Lambert 196,000

    • CFTH #25
      FYE #31

    • drat!

      Well frankly, Glambert’s number is shockingly similar to David’s when you consider all the insane promotion he has received. Despite all the media hoo ha, he only sold 13,000 more albums than David. Amazing when you really think about it.

  4. I went to last night’s concert too and it was awe inspiring… I noticed that he wasn’t talking much between songs and that he sounded a tiny bit hoarse, but I didn’t see his tweet about his voice being shot until afterwards. It was just not apparent when he was singing. He was full on, no holds barred and it was just magnificent. You are so right HG, he goes somewhere when he sings and it’s just heart and soul piercing. I just can’t stop replaying the concert in my head! A little highlight for me among many was when Lupe joined him on HYAMLC… they just so clearly have a loving relationship, and she too has a lovely rich voice. At the end, after they hugged as she walked off the stage David chatted a bit about how nice it was to have his family around and said “thanks Mom” as if he were thanking her for making him a sandwich or picking up his laundry… at least, that’s how it struck me… and it was just the funniest little exchange for me…it just illustrated that despite his otherworldly ability to sing, and the amazing character we are so fortunate to witness, he is just a boy, and he loves his mom.

    Hope it’s ok to post this here… I saw mikesd’s comment and I just needed to share. thanks for this blog, I love your posts!

  5. #23. Unbelievable.

  6. raelovingangels

    hey did anyone see david’s my space posting about the i-tumes app… cute! so happy there is a david app. awe, thinking i need to break down and get that dumb, over-hyped phone.

  7. I just saw the list of new bloggers on the Snarky site; I’m very excited for them.

  8. Wonder what Steve Fekete is up to today.

  9. Okay so I stole this from Snarkies who got it from gengen but this is just too adorable!

    By the way, the girls yell out “We saw you at church today!” hehe!

  10. CFTH starts the day at #22 on iTunes!!!!!!!!!!

    With practically no SVBing!!!!!!!!!!

    “The Little Engine That Could,” as Joymus put it.

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