Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Close Your Eyes and Think of Me

One of the more pointless “advice” David had received during his run on American Idol was from Andrew Lloyd Weber, who told him to “open his eyes” when he sings. Remember that time, when he was being coached for his performance of “Think of Me”?

All I could think of, when Andrew Lloyd Weber told him that was: What?!

I never found David’s closed eyes to be a distraction, but online, there were so many David haters who were so thankful that someone “finally” told “the kid” to stop such an “annoying” habit.


I’m not one of those audience members who needs a performer to “eyeball” me in some kind of pretend flirtation.  Although I must say, the first time I saw David perform live, and he fixed those sparkling eyes on “me” (yes, I say “me” when he’s looking out “in a sea of people” as if “there was only you”), I got a rush and felt shivers down my spine.  Perhaps there is something to that “eye contact.”

However, I’m just loving these introspective performances when David is just feeling the music and letting it wash all over him.  He’s like a new convert going through a baptism of fire, and he’s just taking us along for the ride.

I had that similar “rush” when I tuned in last night to The David Chronicles Channel, watching some choice videos from his concerts, and the close-ups of his enraptured face just melted my heart.  It was during “Ave Maria,” when the children’s choir kicked in, that you see David – closed eyes and all – just go somewhere else during that moment. It was like watching someone literally transcend his environment. It was chill-inducing witnessing him just disappear into a song.  Of course, by the time The Voice comes back in on the song, you’re right there with him in his divine glory.

I’m telling you: David is the real deal.  My soul is a witness to his spirit. His Voice will continue to take us to those far away places.