Christmas from the Heart: In Celebration

Now that the holiday season has begun, David’s Christmas tour is in full gear, and Christmas from the Heart is steadily climbing the charts, I’m reposting my promo video.  This album really needs to be on everybody’s Christmas wish list!

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  1. Best quote ever!
    “They just don’t teach what Archuleta projects.”

    Can I get a witness? 🙂

    Read Full Review:

    • Amen to that! My daughter actually joined me in listening to David sing CFTH as we decorated for Christmas. Egg nog (spiked with coconut rum, you gotta try it)and his beautiful voice, I was in heaven and my daughter (who has resisted having anything to say or do with David) was mum. Hmmmm, could she be melting slowly as they all succumb eventually. Only time will tell. lol

  2. Amen! 🙂

    This weekend my mom was complaining about a Christmas album she had purchased. She said the artist (i.e., Aretha) sings the songs w/too many runs. She was hoping to hear traditional songs sung with strong, clear vocals. She’ll be pleasantly surprised to rec’v CFTH in the mail later this week.

  3. hope you don’t mind me posting this gorgeous, but this request to buy does have benefit for david… thanks!


    david’s christmas cd is on special at, as part of their continuing black friday ”lightning deals”…

    order it now, until 5 p.m. eastern time for 5.99… 1 cd per customer, unless you are in possession of multiple email and amazon accounts, hahaha… help give the cd a little extra boost by ordering during this limited time… thanks!

  4. HG
    I really like your video. I have added it to the TDC Video/Chat library.

    Thank you for the link to The Voice. We are working on adding features that will make it a nice place to visit and comment.


  5. peter!!!

    Okay, I know this is not everyone’s favorite topic, but some of us are intrigued…..

    Anyway, call me crazy, but is Adam Lambert on track to sell about 180K CD’s his debut week?

    Hits Daily Double – 54.88% reporting
    — 3 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 98,401

    • I think his album is expected to sell between 210,000 and 230,000 copies.

      The Adam Lambert post-Idol saga continues to be fascinating. He’s had a change of heart again. This week, he’s all about the music, saying that the AMA performance was a “one-time event.”

    • But yes, if 98,401 units is 54,98%, that would make the final total 179,000. I’m sure his final numbers will be higher… but please, Universe, please.

      • Wouldn’t that just be something? Not gonna hold my breath though…after all weren’t they selling FYE for a dollar most of the week on Amazon?

      • Yes. The digital album was $3.99 for a long time, and you could get it for $0.99 with a coupon or something. (Also, he may have been cancelled from New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, but that has not been confirmed.)

      • Well, isn’t today Cyber Monday or whatever? I imagine everything online is on sale?

      • Yes, but we were talking about last week. The album was on sale soon after it had been released.

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