Crystal Clear

“I don’t know, I haven’t met him yet. 18 yr old David would ask him not to ruin the surprise. If you know the future, u won’t work as hard.”

This is a quote from David, shared in a comment by Desertrat in the previous thread, in response to a question asking him what 25 year-old David would reveal to 18-year-old David.  Considering that so many die-hard fans already have it figured out for him (the next Elvis! the next MJ! the next Josh Groban!), while non-fans are just hoping he’ll be long forgotten, David tells it straight: surprise me.

And I like that: wanting to be surprised, not quite knowing what’s next because you’re busy working to get to that next destined high point, one always hopes.  It’s actually an exciting thing, not to have the future as “crystal clear” as David’s Voice.

Still, it does warm my heart to hear so many who have worked closely with David on various music projects already declaring: there are bigger things to come.  That is the crystal-clear predictions coming from those who have already been enchanted by The Voice.

You hear the ache in “Fields of Gold,” and you can foresee the gold spinning along his road to success.  You feel the tenderness captured in “Ave Maria” or “What Child is This,” and you know many will cry him a river over which he will cross to the next big journey.  Your body vibrates to the passion he unleashes in “Riu Riu Chiu,” and you know that in years to come, many will lay down their palms (and undergarments) to decorate his path.  

18-year-old David may want to be surprised at what 25-year-old David has in store, but The Voice has revealed the handwriting on the wall.  If you listen carefully, you will hear sweet whisperings of success, the kind that only dedicated excellence and sheer force of talent can bring.  Can’t wait!

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  1. hi HG,

    I usually lurk but have to say love all your articles here and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly enjoyed all the regulars’ well-said and witty commentaries. David sure does have the best of the best fans.

    p.s. – I am from Asia and have different time zone from you guys. That is why I only lurk….

  2. Good morning all, and thanks for your comment, AKang. Please post more often! 🙂

  3. Oh, HG! I have no words to express properly how beautiful this piece is.


    Someone spotted this blog.

    I hope she buys the album, too.

  4. your writing talent….you have a wonderful way with words
    David is wise beyond his years and is a good writing topic. 🙂

    There is a great story over at The Voice about 4 generations of a Latino family all going together to see David’s concert on December 2. This is the first time for them all to go together & maybe a first concert for the eldest.

    How many musical artists can say they brought 4 generations together? Not many would be my guess. It is a wonderful thing to do for a family.

  5. HG: This is a beautiful article and once again, David wise beyond his years. Repeating what I said on TDC before- David is the only artist/celebrity that I have ever found in my life worth following. It is joyful and marvelous watching his growth, his career unfold, and being confident that while there are surely going to be missteps along the way, he will do it his way. Maybe not the traditional way but that is part of what intrigues me the most. It is amazing to see what he is doing now, compared to just 18 months ago, musically He continues to surprise us. God bless David.

  6. iTunes: #32 overall

  7. David has mastered the art of working hard, enjoying the moment, and leaving himself open for new experiences in the future. Several months ago, I was concerned that he wasn’t working w/the the more well known songwriters & producers (e.g., Tedder, Max Martin, Claude Kelly, etc.). Something’s changing in the music industry and I hope he gets an opportunity to be at the forefront of that change.

    What’s changing?
    50 Cent’s album just debuted with ~157K sales; all of his albums prior to this one sold more than 1/2 million copies in their debut week.

    Leona L. and Jordin S. worked w/the “hot” producers & songwriters yet neither had new albums debut at 100K and neither have top selling 2nd singles.

    Alicia Keyes and Mary J Blige have pushed their album release dates back into December because their lead singles didn’t sell.

    I don’t know what the future holds for David but I believe people are open to hearing something different mixed in w/what’s currently played on the radio.

  8. Coolio! Look what someone found…

    “Christmas From The Heart – David Archuleta
    I went searching on iTunes to see if anybody new had recorded, ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ Yes. I admit it. I’m just like you. Yes you would! You’d check had you written it. I bet Buddy Greene has checked. No. Probably not. Not that he’s more spiritual, just computer illiterate.

    While I was checking I stumbled upon the most beautiful Christmas album I’ve heard in a long, long, long time. Here’s a link on, but I downloaded it on iTunes. It’s by that kid who did real good on American Idol. His name is David Archuleta.

    Posted November 29, 2009 at 4:20pm || home”

    BTW, Mark Lowry wrote Mary Did You Know.

    • Real , REAL nice find Dorman. In Christian/Gospel music circles, Mark Lowry was known for his beautiful tenor voice. I’m glad he publicly acknowledges this about David’s album.

      • “someone” wasn’t me. Just bringing it over. haha!

      • Joymus, may I ask, did you have your choir performance and if you did, how it went? 🙂 Off topic, but I’d love to know!! And o I wanted to ask your opinion on something musical which is also off topic… HG may I ask it here or should I email you, Joymus?

  9. Christmas From The Heart will be on Amazon’s Lightning Deals TOMORROW 11am – 2pm $5.99

  10. Many times I have searched my computer for link to an interview David participated in immediately after the AI 7 final. The link seems to be lost forever. The interviewer listed some artists’ names (many of whom David had previously listed as influences) and asked David about performing with the named artist. I don’t remember the names of the artist well enough to print them now but I clearly remember David’s answer “. …I have a lot to learn first. I have to earn my way; I have to pay my dues…. ”
    I think of David’s response in that interview now because, if I’m not mistaken, that is exactly what 18-year-old David is telling 25-year-old David in the quote above.

  11. This is off-topic, but sorry to see that Archuleta Avenue is closing, and also Dana is leaving Snarky’s.

  12. Burkey, thx for the referral to the blog “The Voice”. In one of her comments, djafans indicated that David’s Univision performance is part of the program “Nuestra Navidad”. It’s an annual special that is put on by the Estefans (i.e., Gloria Estefan family).

    Interesting story re. David visiting a youth camp in southern CA. I like this blog site. People post messages re. their positive experiences w/celebrities.

  13. Sweet story on this blog. David met a girl tonight with Muscular Dystrophy. She’s a doll.

  14. Jen A,

    The show was simply wonderful. I could not believe the opportunity in my life for this likelihood. Bocelli sang and sang, each song better than the last. His strength is his ability to hold high notes (forever). I found out that he was a swimmer at one time so this helped him master breath control. The best part for the audience was the encores.
    The audience would not let him go. They were extremely appreciative and he was given several standing O’s. Standing only seats were even sold. Everything else was gone. I also heard that the first couple front rows were going for around $2000.00 each. He came back four times and each time slayed the audience. Con Te Partiro, The Prayer with Australian songer – Delta Goodrem, The Lord’s Prayer and of course – Nessum Dorma.
    I also kept thinking how the show was similarly styled to David’s. The first half was mostly operatic. After intermission, he changed into an all-white outfit and the setlist included many tracks off the current christmas cd.

    We made one booboo with Silent Night. David Foster was supposed to give a talking intro and casually give us the opening acapella chord but there was a miscommunication and after a couple bars in, he had to stop and say – Okay, let’s take it from the top again. Other than that everything else came off smoothly.
    After the show I got the opportunity to meet him, get an autograph and a group picture with a few other chorus members. If I get over my shyness, I may post here.
    I also saw David Foster but did not approach him again. He was extremely busy after the show and a couple young people who met him backstage were giving him what looked like demos. The dinner they provided the production team and performers was a wonderful Italian meal with lit candles for added ambience. All in all it was a truly surreal experience for which I am grateful.
    My contact is

    • Oh Joymus, what a night! What an incredible experience for you to be a part of. I am beyond happy (jealous haha). I thank you for your email address and will be in touch later today.

  15. Jan A,
    Here is a short uTube someone posted. You cannot see much but you can hear just how good the Australian singer performed. We are seated behind the orchestra. For this number we did not sing.

  16. Wow! What a great story, Joymus! What an opportunity!

    I’m noticing a pattern here: it seems like many of David’s fans are affiliated with music in one way or another! 🙂

  17. HG,
    A fan known as Gengen seems to have amazing footage of yesterday’s concert with hq quality and killer close-ups. Just in case you’re interested ;).

    Her youtube channel is:

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