Daily Archives: November 29, 2009

Crystal Clear

“I don’t know, I haven’t met him yet. 18 yr old David would ask him not to ruin the surprise. If you know the future, u won’t work as hard.”

This is a quote from David, shared in a comment by Desertrat in the previous thread, in response to a question asking him what 25 year-old David would reveal to 18-year-old David.  Considering that so many die-hard fans already have it figured out for him (the next Elvis! the next MJ! the next Josh Groban!), while non-fans are just hoping he’ll be long forgotten, David tells it straight: surprise me.

And I like that: wanting to be surprised, not quite knowing what’s next because you’re busy working to get to that next destined high point, one always hopes.  It’s actually an exciting thing, not to have the future as “crystal clear” as David’s Voice.

Still, it does warm my heart to hear so many who have worked closely with David on various music projects already declaring: there are bigger things to come.  That is the crystal-clear predictions coming from those who have already been enchanted by The Voice.

You hear the ache in “Fields of Gold,” and you can foresee the gold spinning along his road to success.  You feel the tenderness captured in “Ave Maria” or “What Child is This,” and you know many will cry him a river over which he will cross to the next big journey.  Your body vibrates to the passion he unleashes in “Riu Riu Chiu,” and you know that in years to come, many will lay down their palms (and undergarments) to decorate his path.  

18-year-old David may want to be surprised at what 25-year-old David has in store, but The Voice has revealed the handwriting on the wall.  If you listen carefully, you will hear sweet whisperings of success, the kind that only dedicated excellence and sheer force of talent can bring.  Can’t wait!