TwitVid: The Latest in Guerrilla Video!

Thanks to Chicagoarchie for this slice of “Crush” backed by a symphony orchestra! What other snippets might we get from Ann Arbor?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Update: Here’s an audio recording of “Ave Maria” 
Thanks to Jackryan4DA over at TDC for providing this link to mp3 downloads from Ann Arbor.

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh ..the VOICE, no virtual necessary.
    Thanks to ninja Emily, I think she has most of the songs.
    A new song – A Merry Christmas to Me, what a pretty song !
    The conductor just love David, wants to adopt him and invite him back again !

  2. just listened to Ave Maria. Chills chills chills. that voice gave me goosebumps. really.. his angelic voice never fails to amaze me.

    i love David more today. and i feel really proud of him.
    Thanks David. 🙂

    • I do believe this is his finest rendition of Ave Maria to date, including the recorded version. Magnificent. There must not have been a dry eye in the house. Emilylovesarchie is a heroine this morning of highest order!

  3. Emily has several of the audios up. She will finish the rest tomorrow. She had to pack up to leave the hotel for home. The connection was slow at the hotel so she didn’t get them all up before she had to leave. She will finish uploading them when she gets home tomorrow.

    She got all but the first three songs due to technical issues. But I understand someone else got the first 3 before they got caught. So I think we’ll have a full set.

  4. The CCC was hosted by a delightful international crew, included choreo,
    light shows and some costume changes. My audio wasn’t too good, only
    heard David sometimes, never any orchestra. Loving the “videos” that
    are up-it must have been incredible to be there. I’m still hoping Disney
    recorded this…

  5. Out of topic. But it seems like indonesian fans are trying to trend #indonesiawantsdavidarchie they made a little quiz “if David were a song title, what would you choose? And why?” it’s fun to read some of the answers haha..

  6. With all the restrictions on the cameras, I’m still hoping against hope that there is an official recording of the Ann Arbor concert that we’ll get to see. 🙂

  7. CFTH is #35 on the iTunes main chart.

  8. I like “Merry Christmas to Me” more than “Melodies of Christmas.”

  9. Yay to CFTH steadily climbing the charts! 😀

    Please note that I added a link to some mp3 downloads of the Ann Arbor performance:

  10. Gotta tell ya: when I read reviews like this I want to strangle his handlers for not televising this show:

    • “Between songs, in this innocent boyish charm, Archuleta filled the auditorium by talking about many different oddities such as showing us where we were in Michigan using his very own hand for the lower and upper peninsulas. He also shared with us his connection to each song and how much he enjoyed the symphony.”


  11. Hey everyone,

    Wanted to share my experience last night. I was at rehearsal for my choir’s gig – accompayning Andrea Bocelli in his My Christmas Tour in Florida. When the rehearsal first started we did not know if he would be in attendance on not. We were into the third song when the doors opened – in walks Bocelli with his entourage including David Foster. Like David says – I almost passed out. He stepped onto the podium and immediately started singing. I cannot even begin to describe how glorious his voice his live.

    My mission however, was to meet David Foster in person if possible. So during a musician’s break, we were allowed to take pics with Bocelli and mingle with Foster. I watched Bocelli playing Strangers in the Night and while everyone was taking pics, I got my opportunity to speak to Foster. I shook his hand, went into the speil of how I enjoyed his work with various artists – Groban, Charice, to which he said – Oh she’s the next big thing. I then ended by tnanking him for his work on the Kaleidoscope program with David Archuleta. His eyeys lit up and he said – Oh you saw the skating special? As you all know I saw it on uTube, but I said – Oh yes, I am huge fan of David. Foster – he’s extremely talented.
    He then asked me if I was a performer and I said – Yes, with the choir. Foster – You guys sound great! I then thanked him again and took off because other peiple were waiting.

    BTW, Foster plays a mean classical piano, and it was interesting to watch him and Bocelli at work, as well as just what it takes to produce a show of that caliber. The backstage was just loaded with tons and tons of equipment. The entire show was staged with lights and everything at an amphitheater in West Palm Beach but then had to be packed and transported to the venue which is in Ft. Lauderdale. Overall, I came away impressed with Bocelli – he does not miss a note and is so musical. I was also thinking that one day, one day – this too will happen for OUR Bocelli – David.

    • Your choir’s accompanying Bocelli and Foster? Huge congrats!

      I recall Foster saying during AI7 that if the contest were based on musicality, our David should win. One day David will perform with and be produced by some of the best. I think we can expect other symphonies to invite him to perform w/them in the future.

      • Thanks Desertrat!
        The show will br held later tonight.
        David’s performance last night is hopefully the start of somrthing bigger for him. I hope tv producers and his management get a clue about a possible televised performance perhaps for Christmas next year. This performance should have definitely been released on DVD. He already has a book being published, why not a performance release as well? Darn it!

  12. LOVE the ninja video- the archies are so good. Yes, agree with those irriated it was not professionally taped for sale. Let’s hope we were wrong and somehow the people at the show did not notice the crew -)
    Still think if this had bee promoted alot sooner with more details, more tickets would have been sold. 1800 is not bad, given little or no advertisng. If RD was involved, the the event should have been promoted throughout, the whold great lakes region and into canada- does anyone know if it was? At any rate, another notch on david’s belt with winning over new fans and his first full orchestra concert, which i am sure will be special for him for years.

    • Rae, Unfortunately the report of no recording was not exaggerated. I was at the third row dead center and was able to see everything going on. It was a royal shame that only less than 2000 people witnessed this indescribable performance.
      David + orchestra – screaming tweens = the only way the Voice should be heard!!

  13. CFTH ad on VH1:

  14. a snippet of a video from Ann Arbor

    Riu Riu Chiu

  15. YJfanofdavid, I like what u said on TDC re. existential David. Per an online comment, David was somewhat philosophical in the VIP tonight.

    David was asked “What would 25 yr old David tell 18 yr old David to expect in his future?”

    David responded, ” I don’t know, I haven’t met him yet. 18 yr old David would ask him not to ruin the surprise. If you know the future, u won’t work as hard.”

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