Daily Archives: November 25, 2009

David: Our Vintage Wine

Improving over time and all that…

Update: Changed most of SnarkyMawg’s vids with videos from YouCanCallMe Tina (up close and personal! Thanks, Dorman for the tip!).

I’m featuring only songs David has performed live for the first time (so we can feast on his new “sound”) and presenting in order of the set list.

The Riddle (channeling his inner Piano Man!):

Fields of Gold (tears! So beautiful!):

Prayer of the Children (OMG!!!)

Melodies of Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (with Mama Lupe – how sweet! Did she choke up at the end? She’s so proud! Who wouldn’t be? Loved her ad libs!):

Ave Maria (angelic!):

Pat-a-Pan (known from now on as the “Pad Thai a Pan” song! haha!):

What Child Is This (slay me now!):

The First Noel:

Riu Riu Chiu (Or is it “Riu Riu Chewbacca”? Man, this song has an awesome groove and sounds amazing live!):

Silent Night:

O Holy Night (the Encore! GAH!! That close-up on his face, he’s just FEELING this song! THUD!):

This first of his shows makes me wish Disney would get a clue and actually televise his Ann Arbor concert.  Seriously, people out there need to hear and see this wondrous rising star. If they couldn’t sell out that particular concert, then perhaps it’s time they realize they need to whet people’s appetites beyond the Idol and Arch Angel bubble and broadcast The Voice in a wider venue.  What a Christmas gift that would be to the world!  Methinks.