“Between Me and the Lord”

Why is it that, whenever David is being interviewed or featured in a Utah article, his faith has to be mentioned?  One of the things that have made David very endearing to me as a public figure is not that he’s devout but that he doesn’t need to talk about how devout he is.  

Which he usually doesn’t until somebody else brings it up.

Now, in a recent article  about his upcoming Christmas concert at Abravenel Hall in Salt Lake City later this week, why did the reporter think we need to know if David is going on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?  That’s pretty personal, almost as personal as asking if he’s got a girlfriend or if he’s gay.  So, of course my respect for David knows no bounds as it continues to grow exponentially when he offers this rebuttal:

“That’s a personal decision between me and the Lord,” he said. “I want to do what the Lord wants me to do.”

Translation: “It’s none of your business what I choose to do in my church! Back off!” (But our dear David would never be so rude.)

I know, for some Archies, it might be unbearable to think of David disappearing for 2 years on a “mission” somewhere in the world, but if that’s what our beloved feels needs to happen in his life, he’ll do what’s right.  And we, as his devoted fans, just need to have his back and show him all the love when he re-enters the pop music world older, wiser, bigger, and better.  

Will such a hiatus mean suspension of our many fan sites and blogs?  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  A deliciously packed second album would mean spawning at least 4 or 5 solid hits – with accompanying music videos – to keep the masses happy while David goes out and takes care of his personally-motivated faith issues.  If pop media fed us enough David music and articles and interviews and music videos, we wouldn’t be so starved for “David news.”  

I say, let David do his mission thing while his label and management keep his music in rotation in his absentia.  That’s not hard to do, even in a 2-year stretch.  However, one little hit song – a la “Crush” – will not sustain his M.I.A. status.  

Either way, it’s still none of our business what David chooses to do or not do concerning his faith, and I really don’t appreciate “local” news coverage thinking they have a right to pry into his life in this manner.

Just as we’ve all adjusted our ODD Twitter fixation by accepting that David will not tweet on Sunday, most likely due to his keeping the Sabbath, eventually we need to accept whatever hiatus is forthcoming, if it’s related to his faith.  I don’t think a musical hiatus is out of the ordinary anyway.  And he just might need to rejuvenate himself, get some distance from family and from Utah, and come back with a fresh mind and a sense of where he wants his career to go.  Maybe something like this will even give him the courage to change management and take charge of his own image.

I don’t fear that David will come back “proselytizing.”  The closest he ever came to this was in his liner notes for Christmas from the Heart, and even then, he was less “I’m so proud to be Mormon! Join my church!” and more “I’m letting you in on my spiritual influences and hope that this music touches you on that level too, whatever your faith may be.”  He’s too polite to proselytize anyway.

Except there are others who want to proselytize on David’s behalf – whether it’s Jeff randomly telling news reporters “how Mormons party” (he totally lost me with this statement way back in January, especially upon learning that this is the crap he’s telling reporters while he was cheating on his wife and getting arrested) or other fellow LDSers “counting David’s character.”  

Last time I checked, David could speak for himself on issues of faith, and for the most part, he chooses not to.  He just lets the Spirit guiding the Voice do the work. And, as far as I’m concerned, that should be enough.

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  1. I don’t think David’s second album will include four or five radio hits. Perhaps one, the first single.

  2. Hard to say without have heard it Peter… you know, ’cause it hasn’t been written or recorded yet.

    HG – Amen!

    • * having

    • I don’t think the radio stations have changed their opinion about David’s music, but we’ll see.

      • I like how you think it’s the radio stations that still have control. They all have a mandated playlist, and if I’m going to blame anyone for David’s lack of radio play, I will point the fingers at 19.

        Besides, the way these DJs all have the same idea about David has me convinced they’re reading a script. Radio DJs used to be able to know good music, and don’t tell me that they’ve heard the Voice and still want to be dismissive.

        They’re reading a payola-based script, JMHO.

      • That’s what I meant, but I worded it poorly. Radio play has nothing to with the actual music any longer. I don’t think the situation about David has changed, but que sera.

  3. David isn’t so blind as to not see that he is on a mission. Globe trotting and seeing the reaction to his music sealed the deal, he is on a mission.

    Benton Paul videos added to the mix . Get to know David Archuleta’s tour opener . http://bit.ly/1SH21e

    I have added 10 videos in a set. Hope you get a chance to see my selections. This will run for the duration of the tour.


  4. This is an interesting and very personal topic that I want to tred lightly on.
    The think I liked about David’s response, is he clearly exercised his power, which we see him doing more and more.

    In the last thread I said that I personally feel God has placed David in a sphere of influence to be in a position to touch people. I don’t know if MomJulee’s post is still up, but she did a wonderful one several months back about how David quietly lives his faith. He also is in a positon to make contributions to many worthy charitable causes, in my opinion, for a reason.

    I also am very confident that he will never compromise his values and his career will be accomplished his way. As a result, he may never be accepted by some of mainstream radio or media. However, what I think is more likely is that he will go about, in his unassuming way charming them all, little by little. ( that is the part that I am personally enjoying seeing).

    Whether he is led to do a traditional mission, or whether ( as I said) he will bloom where he is planted, I know that the decision will have nothing to do with career and everything to do with where he can make the most difference.

  5. I actually think that David will go on a formal mission after the second album. I may be wrong, but I think he is itching to do one and would be on one now if not for AI working out.

    • I don’t think he will. I don’t think he’ll be able to and do what he wants. At least for an extended 2 year period. Maybe he’ll be able to compromise with his “known-ness” and do small month-long missions or something. He could probably get away with that with no one knowing where he’s at or tracking him down. Because you know it would happen. He’s like a magnet. It would compromise the goals of the mission.

  6. I pretty much agree with everything you say about how David comes across as regards his faith. We know it’s important for him, but that’s it. His music is what he wants to discuss, not religion. It bothers me a lot that he’s constantly attached to his church by the media. I hope this will eventually stop as he grows bigger in fame and recognition. I also hope peer pressure will wear off as he matures.

  7. Hear, hear HG! Terrific points. I know I have said this before but it bears repeating. While other fans are in double digits when it comes to VIP meets with David, I had only one but it was profound enough to change the way I perceive David. Where I used to harp on and on about his label, management and career decisions, David is a “young” where it counts 18-year old person. I use the word person because I think we sometimes forget he can’t walk on water all the time. In the same way we made our decisions in life, he must be allowed to do the same without fan inteference. We may not agree with them all but if we truly love him as we claim then acceptance is key.

    With all the prospects we have about David’s career, he always refers to the immediacy of it all. He usually says – You never know how long its going to last, so I am just glad for the opportunity right now to do what I love. (paraphrase). Other things beside a mission may change things for him personally and perhaps prevent him from being as big as he may be now, or even bigger. David may not even know where he wants to take himself and his music so perhaps a time of introspection is necessary.

  8. Read David’s responses in this interview. It kind of speaks to the topic of this thread a bit.


  9. Your post brings to mind pictures of old with girlfriends, moms, grandmas standing on the dock crying and waving hankies as their men went off on the magestic sailing ship…haha.

    • or, in more recent time aircraft carriers. Well, many of us would patiently wait for his return and some would not.

  10. CFTH is #59 on the iTunes main chart. Excellent.

  11. I think it would be very difficult for David to do a traditional mission. Not for him personally, as in giving up his current track, but in light of his celebrity. Can you imagine David walking around the streets looking lovely in a suit and tie, and people not recognizing him? Could he go to a front door and not have some teenage girl scream, “Oh, my god, you’re David!”.

    Perhaps he could find a different way to do his mission if he decides the work he is doing now doesn’t fulfill that for him. I would be sad to see him leave his musical work and do something else, but of course, I would support whatever he feels he must do. I do think he is able to reach many more people in his public role, but that is not for me to decide.

    I also think it would be much harder for him to come back onto the music scene after a two-year hiatus than you mentioned, HG. I’m sure others have done it, and successfully, but David hasn’t made that big a mark on the industry yet to transition smoothly in and out of the pop scene.

    • To transition from 18 to 21 on the music scene? That would be a nice young age to make a “comeback,” I think.

    • I agree with you Marlie. I think that if he were to go on a two-year hiatus, unless he came back in a huge way, his public music career would pretty much be over, except in LDS circles.

    • Since David at some point will have to “reinvent himself” sooner or later from “teen pop star” to “serious music artist/star,” isn’t it just as effective to do so on hiatus than to be “out there” putting out generic music until the breakout album?

      It was a good 2 years from the time J-Hud was on American Idol to the time she had her breakout Oscar-winning turn in Dreamgirls.

      Seriously, it’s not that unheard of for people to take breaks in their careers – whether it’s at the beginning or in the middle.

      I personally think a break is good, if he were to take one (and we don’t know that he will). It gives people a chance to make transformations. And even if he’s “only heard in LDS circles” (which I doubt very much), sooner or later, word gets out. As if his fanatic Archies are going to go anywhere. ODD isn’t just typical fan behavior.

      I think you underestimate David’s appeal here. Reinventing one’s self has always been key to a musician’s rising stardom.

    • he would have to go to another country where he is not well known at all, if that was even possible. It may not be after the next album.
      I still just love the way he put that guy in his place. 🙂

    • Maybe they can send Jeff on a two-year mission somewhere far away?

  12. Janet looks gorgeous but her music sounds stale to me. Anyone watching?

    • No, but it will be interesting to see if “For Your Entertainment” climbs the charts after the AMA performance. Regardless of the insane amount of publicity, the song is #74 on iTunes.

      • They all have dancers and their music sounds the same. Janet, Shakira. David would kill it just singing something as simple as You Can lol.

        Where are you Desertrat?

  13. I still have an hour before the AMA’s so I hope the rest of u give funny updates. 🙂

    “That’s a personal decision between me and the Lord,” he said. “I want to do what the Lord wants me to do.”

    Interesting that he says “I want to do” as opposed to ” I will do”. Also, IMHO, this line leads me to believe that his relationship with the Lord is very personal. It’s not defined by his family (e.g., Jeff), friends, or his church.

  14. Valbraz, i’m in the arizona desert — 2 hrs behind U.S. east coast time.

    • That’ so cool. Once I saw this fantastic house built right in the desert; since then it’s one of my dream places to live.

  15. CFTH is #57 on the iTunes main chart.

    • Peter, i’m watching AMA to see Whitney Houston and other stars but it’s beginning to turn my stomach how much they show Glambert. Yuck.

    • Obviously, 19 Management has some sort of deal with ABC about promoting Lambert. The videos on the AMA website seemed to be mostly about Lambert.

    • I want to see his performance. I think I’ll wait until one of the AI blogs posts it. I’m sure they will do so pretty soon after his performance.

  16. Wow, Gaga was amazing. For me she’s outperformed everybody so far – vocally and visually consistent and with a good song too.

    • i did not like the breaking glass or water stuff. too much acting & too much like a play for me. guess i like simple.

      • Lol, Rae. That’s what she does. But she can sing. She’s clever and has her mind set on having fun and making money. I have no doubt she can make great music whenever she decides she’s had enough fun.

    • So far i’ve seen daughtry, kelly, jayz and alicia and i’m not too impressed w/any of their vocals. i hope this show gets better. wait… of course it will, adam hasn’t performed yet!!!! 🙂

  17. so far at the AMA everthing sounds the same to me except for mary blige, keith urban and alicia key and jay-z duet. Guess tech/ synthasized stuff is where american music is at- so i must be really out of touch.

  18. Wow, Whitney! How emotional!

    She can no longer hit the high notes, but the DIVA is back! 😛

    • I LOVE her. She made me cry again today, lke she did at Oprah. I saw others crying in the audience, too. I think she has Spirit, like David. Her phrasing is weird now but no one can take away the glorious career she’s had. Do you think she can regain her top form?

  19. I honestly don’t get the Taylor Swift hype. I really don’t. I forgot how lame the AMAs tend to be since they’re not really about rewarding artistry.

    • I don’t get it either.

    • I have also struggled over this last year to figure out why Taylor is the big thing All I can come up with is she writes really catchy songs with wide appeal.

      • But the songs are so generic! I cannot really believe she’s the best country music has to offer.

        Oh well. At least Jonas Brothers are nowhere in sight (or have their 15 minutes expired? Maybe this time next year, we’ll be saying Taylor who? too).

    • The more I watch these award shows, the more I realize that David will or may never fit in. With each performer it is just gimmick after gimmick. His simple singing of Contigo packed such a wallop that these artists’s best seems mediocre. He really is a renaissance man. The few stand-up singers so far were Whitney and Mary J. Alysha seemed lost until she sat in front of her piano. All that is left is the AL spectacle. Can you imagine that the AI winner simply presented an award while the runner-up got a show seemingly themed around him?

      • yep- he may never fit in there but there are a ton of talented artists with strong careers who are not there & likely never will be.

  20. I paid a visit to MJ’s to read what the Glamberts were saying over there. Hilarious. They’re saying only AI stars can sing live. Who are these crazies? Even if you don’t like their music Fergie was great, so were Alicia and Gaga. Ah, narrow-minded people.

    • They are soooooooo building up to the “spectacular debut” of the Glambert. He better live up to the hype. Sheesh!

      • Don’t even know where to jump in here but I was at the show and the audience was WILD! I wouldn’t read everything I see on tv as the actual since it was crazy. The audience was on its feet for every performance but Lambert’s was the most enthusiastic.

        All of this grumbling about Adam makes me feel like I’m in the bitter old queens club! What is wrong with everyone? Wanting to see someone fail? Taking joy in expecting someone to fail? So unDavid like!

    • Greenday: my teen son has me listening to altnerhative rock. Before David that was what I was listenting to.

  21. Here they go again, ‘spectcular debut’. How is it spectacular if it hasn’t happened yet?

    Is there a conspiracy at work to shove this guy down everybody’s throat? Have the media been hypnotised?

    • Well, his album has already “redefined music” (or something), and it won’t be released until tomorrow. And it sounds like any other generic pop album.

    • And “Time For Miracles” was supposed to be his “spectacular debut,” but things didn’t work out as planned. Not even close.

  22. Ryan Seacrest? What is this? The American Idol Awards?

  23. Taylor Swift?! Nooooooooooooo.

  24. did he fall?

  25. Oh. My. God.

    That. Was. Horrible.

  26. What the heck was that? Wow the audience was left cold.

  27. well that was truly nothing special at all.

  28. Gimmick for gimmick – Gaga’s was waaaaay better.

  29. 1. Did Adam really do a guy-on-guy kiss AND reenact a simulated fellatio?!

    2. No way. No HOW did Taylor Swift win Artist of the Year. Forgetting for the moment that Michael Jackson only achieved a comeback this year in death, I refuse to believe someone thought Taylor was more deserving than Lady Gaga. Just…Ugh!

    • HG, you’re starting to sound like Kanye. 😀

      • Kanye is a fool, but even back at the VMAs, he had a point. He just didn’t have to grab the mic from her hand to make it.

    • I find it really amusing in reading the reviews and the comments that a little gay action got everyone all riled up. We have to see straight crap every day of our lives and no one seems to be annoyed or “it crossed the line” or was so offensive or blah blah blah. How many times on stage are we subjected to straight sex simulation and more???

      I can tell you that the audience ESPECIALLY at those moments went wild. Not just a few down in front…the whole damn arena!

      Adam, I was not a huge fan…until last night.

      • Um, Mike, when was the last time you saw a woman or a guy for that matter rub the opposite sex’s face in a simulated blow job on network TV?

        Let’s get real here: that same stunt would have caused the same uproar. If it were a guy on his knees, we’d be debating whether or not we thought the woman on the “receiving end” was being empowered or not.

        If it were the girl on her knees, we’d STILL be talking about how that gal either “demeaned” herself or was sending a “horrible message” to the little girls who look up to her.

  30. The audieence stood to see him but by the end it seemed like a mixed response. There was no OTT applause like this is the next best thing. At. All.

  31. American Idol failed.

  32. Adam is way too out there for the mainstream. What works for a Lady Gaga WILL NOT work for a Guy Gaga. That guy-on-guy kiss alone will prevent his sales from climbing.

    He isn’t just “gay.” He’s underground, fetish, BDSM bondage “gay,” and I can’t believe RCA thinks they can market and “package” this. It just won’t work!

    • Plus his singing was terribly off-key tonight, and the screaming made it sound even worse.

      • I agree Peter. He’s supposed to be a singer first. Everything else is just packaging. and what a forced hype package it was by RCA/19 M. His supposed industry peers rejected it completely by the time he was done.

      • That audience looked like they forgot to applaud. What an embarrassment for all involved. The Internet buzz is not good. At all!

    • I did not see the guy on guy kiss- but did see the crotch thing. have to give him props- he took a bad tumble- almost made me think it was part of the show- he look shook up but kept going, guess being back in the nokia got him also. NO WAY HE SHOULD HAVE CLOSED THAT SHOW. Alicia and JayZ had the audience in their hands with that New York song.

    • He looked angry, not charming or sexy at all.

    • I agree totally. It was just offensive on so many levels. Even with all the hype, it just won’t fly. His personality is getting weird as well. Me thinks he is believing his own press.

      • That final closeup of his face was not flattering. He looked disgusted himself.

      • Yes, he’s definitely believing the hype. He sometimes behaves like a multi-million selling artist even though his album hasn’t been released yet and his singles haven’t been doing well at all.

  33. Night everyone.

    I feel vindicated. It was a disaster and someone deserved it. Not Adam necessarily but whoever created this ridiculous hype.

    Can’t wait for David’s first show. No disaster there, for sure.

    • This disaster is sweet revenge on the whole 19 Machine! haha! (But I do feel bad for Adam though. Hype is never a good thing: it sets you up to fail. Period!)

    • The 19 Machine will now focus on the controversy to direct attention away from the fact that, on top of everything, he sounded absolutely horrible.

  34. I’m an hr behind so I still haven’t seen Adam. Timbaland is on now. To me, 50 cent, Eminen & Timbaland look to old to be rapping. As for JayZ, I like how he wears a suit and presents himself as a man, not a teenage boy.

  35. Got this quote from MJs:

    LOL love this tweet “Adam Lambert is the new singing Eddie Munster. I’m scared for the future of the music industry.”

    Only on that site would anyone find that tweet “lovable.” To me, it portends how the Glambert will crash and burn.

    And his debut album hasn’t even been released yet!

  36. I just saw Adam and I’m sort of speechless. It even looked like he fell at one point.

  37. Rickey.org has this image up … warning … it looks scary.

  38. Of course, Rolling Stone liked it:

    Many more did not (see the comments).

    That’s enough entertainment for me. G’nite all! 🙂

  39. I do need to get off the Internet, but the shocked comments by many a homophobe who tuned in to the AMAs need to be witnessed!

    G’nite again…

  40. The price for Adam Lambert’s MP3 album has been dropped to $3.99 on Amazon! That’s $3.99!!!!! For an album!!!!!

  41. ABC says it has received complaints on Lambert

    “ABC says more than 1,500 people have called to complain about Adam Lambert’s sexually charged performance at the American Music Awards.”


    • Adam Lambert wasn’t the only sexually charged performance last night. I can’t believe the double standards going on in puritanical America. Yeah let’s see more of Lady Gaga’s crotch on the piano bench…that’s ok.

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