Getting to Know David, Part II: There’s Always Twitter!

So, from what I’ve been able to learn about David via Twitter:

1.  He loves his sisters.

2.  He loves to eat.

3.  He loves concerts.

4.  He enjoys the few opportunities he gets to meet up with family and friends every time he’s in Utah (which is not that often).

5.  He loves his mama.

6.  Papa never gets a mention or a shout out – EVER!

7.  He feels “underdressed” when visiting New York (haha!).

8.  He once had his appendix removed.

9.  He got his wisdom teeth removed this year.

10.  He needs a good masseuse.

11.  His music collaborators reveal more in their tweets about their sessions than he does!

12.  He only announces where he is going to be AFTER he has already arrived there. (Way to go, David!)

Now, the big question: will the songs he worked on be as hilarious (and self-revelatory – heh) as his tweets? David’s Twitter = L.O.V.E.  No one else compares! 🙂


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  1. This post is delicious!

    Thanks, HG. 🙂

  2. Thanks to Twitter ! Can’t imagine how I can survive the Archu-drought sometimes 🙂

  3. You’re welcome, Valbraz! 🙂 Junnie, TG4T (Thank God for Twitter!)

  4. His tweets made me realize that he is such a honest person. they show how real he is. 🙂

  5. He talks about his exercise routines.
    (he is charming)
    He doesn’t like people messing with his stuff
    (he is charming)
    He drops in little tweets of wisdom
    (he is charming)
    He loves to talk about music
    (he is charming)
    He says haha and lol and oh my heck
    (he is oh my heck SO charming)


    • I probably should have said he loves to exercise- because that sure comes through loud and clear and

      he gets lost alot and looses things


  6. we learn a lot about David’s personnality thanks to twitter. When I read comments about David in ONTD_AI, a lot of people who didn’t know who he was or didn’t like him in AI, love him now just for his tweets.

    Via twitter, David never promotes himself but he’s very supportive of other artists, and his really funny. (and he seems to really like Ashlee lol )

    (excuse me for my bad English !)

  7. Without Twitter we wouldn’t have had the epic Hush Cats…

  8. Analisa tweeted that ray was at the cd signing today and tons of people more than can get a signature. I am so happy ray was there. I was worried about security. sorry can’t help it.

    • she seems to be tweeting play by play & she is at the cd signing
      she is charming & loves david

  9. We also learn from David’s tweets that he forgets birthdays (i.e., Michael Johns, Benton Paul, & Joy Williams).

    I bet some twitpics from his Fort Union book signing will appear on twitter shortly.

    • ooops .. I meant to say CD signing, not book signing. 😀 Per rae’s 1 pm post, I’m glad tons of people showed up!

  10. see who is at the CD signing:


  11. Crap! Jeff is right up front at the CD signing. Geez! If you feel you have to accompany him at least stand somewhere else. Go read a book. I’m sure he’ll let you know if he needs something.

  12. I would truly be lost if David ever gave up twitter. Sundays kill me because he rarely tweets. He might mention where he is if he’s on tour, (as if we already didn’t know haha) but that’s all. I sure do respect his discipline!

    I think it’s clear that his real peeps are his family and friends. One of the many reasons we love him, right? Remember how long it took him to follow Jason? What was that about?!! Or the time Jordin wanted him to text her and he tweeted that he had texted her the week prior?? LOL How many is she allowed a month?? And my heart is breaking for Kate from KSM. No twitter love for her! This guy is tough!

    P.S. I agree with everything Rae said about manincap. Such a tricky situation. Feel free to insert deep sigh here 😦

  13. Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just…ew! After a nice day shopping and taking in a movie, I come back to a… pic of #manicap! 😦

    Why won’t he stay in the background?!?!!!!!!

    I will be especially pi$$ed if I read anywhere from an Archie fan boasting about meeting Daddy Dearest. This only encourages him.

  14. 3 recent tweets:

    professorgal Still think Archuleta incredibly talented. But needs better or different management and advice. This CD could have been better.
    4 minutes ago from web

    professorgal Whoever advised Archuleta on his Xmas cd didn’t understand where the music should have been powerful. loud, inspiring. CD is none of that.
    5 minutes ago from web

    professorgal I never tweet about music: bought Archuleta’s Xmas cd. Beautiful voice. SUCKY anemic orchestra. Bad arrangements. Everything 2 slow.
    6 minutes ago from web

  15. So, while I’m wondering what bits and pieces of David we’ll get to see on TV, check out this line-up for the Glambert:

    1. Sunday night performance on AMA (which promises to be very sexy, what with nipple tassles and the like – oh brother!).

    2. Barbara Walters special interview of “Most Fascinating People of 2009”.

    3. Performance on New Years’ Rockin’ Eve.

    You do realize, peeps, that had last year’s AI runner-up gotten this same level of promo, not only would “Crush” have gone through the roof, but David’s debut album would have been double platinum, AND he’d be a bonafide star.

    Just saying: considering Adam Lambert’s singles haven’t sold well, compared to David’s record-breaking debut last year, just imagine how much further he would have climbed with the machine behind him.

    (Then again, had a certain stage dad not been around to piss off the powers that be, and had he remained behind-the-scenes so that folks didn’t think that, in order to deal with David, they had to deal with manincap in tow, who knows how differently things would have played out!).

    Now, this “professorgal,” whoever she is, may be as Peter declares, WASISAN, but I have to agree with her that David needs better management. I mean, yeah, he’s progressing quite well under the current circumstances, but oh, how he’d be soaring right now under different management. JMHO.

    • BTW, I’m not advocating that the 19 Machine rally around David – I would like him as far away from them as possible – but I’d be lying if I said I was okay with the vast difference in the way one runner-up is being supported over another.

      I won’t even get into how the current AI champion is taking a backseat to the runner-up, but the excuses that were given last year, when we wondered why David wasn’t getting full promo support, was that this was to be expected with coming in second and all that.

      I see coming in second hasn’t hurt Glambert much in getting “buzz” built around him. Then again, it all depends on the label, doesn’t it?

      Kris Allen is with Jive.

      • Going to be tricky for the AI9 contestants to
        figure out how to come in second for the big
        win… I think this is AI/19/RCA’s attempt to
        create a “package” in the manner of Disney.
        (Watch for Camp Rock-the Bowie Years next
        summer?) Be interesting to see what exactly
        can be bought, his first 2 singles have gone
        nowhere on their own.

    • Basically, Lambert’s first two singles have flopped, but the entertainment media keeps silent about this. “For Your Entertainment” is currently #70 on iTunes and barely made the Billboard Hot 100 in its second week. The song is not getting radio play.

      If “For Your Entertainment” miraculously starts to get radio play and climb the charts, then a lot of money is changing hands behind the scenes. And a lot of money has changed hands already.

      David’s “Crush” sold some 170,000 copies in its first week. “For Your Entertainment” sold 18,000 copies in its first week and a little more in its second week. Not that this is a competition, but the entertainment media was obsessed with sales figures after Season 7.

    • Do you think the fact that AL is Jewish while our boy is Mormon plays a part in this story? Please, remember I ask from the heights of my ignorance of American culture and mean no harm.

    • And yes, #manincap is a burden. I now believe all the behind-the-scenes AI stories of his misdeeds.

      • The AI stories were exaggerated, but they were true. Don’t even get me started on Jeff and why David continues to allow him to hang around. It has to come from David. I just hope that Jeff is not in Chicago and hanging around. I’m afraid I won’t be very nice to him.

  16. “Do you think the fact that AL is Jewish while our boy is Mormon plays a part in this story?

    IMHO, I don’t think religion is a factor. Right now, Adam is a perfect fit for what’s popular musically (i.e., Gaga/Britney sound) and he seems to be a natural fit for the Hollywood scene. As for both Davids and Kris, I can’t imagine them enjoying US Weekly parties, bickering w/magazine editors, bickering w/Perez Hilton, wearing trendy clothing, hanging out w/Katy Perry to get their names in the news, etc. Adam seems to be very open, extroverted, outspoken and full of swag. On top of that, he’s nice looking. While Adam’s singles aren’t selling, I believe he’ll make money for RCA via tours and merchandise.

    • Thanks, Desertrat. I asked because I’ve always been under the impression that Hollywood is dominated by the jewish – who I love, by the way. Yes, Adam is perfect for Hollywood. He is friends with a lot of big names, too. New artist, my ass! He’s a plant.

      • It’s very possible Adam was a plant, which would actually give more weight to what Clay Aiken argued back when he lost AI.

        I also agree that neither David or Kris are “Hollywood” types, which was part of why “regular Americans” embraced them on the show.

        I’m not sure, Desertrat, that if Adam’s singles don’t sell then his tours and merchandise will make up for the slack.

        But he should definitely go into movies for sure.

  17. Cute blog by a girl who attended the cd signing. Her mom was even more excited about it than she was.

  18. I wonder if David will take a “break” from music after his 2nd pop album for a church mission?

    [Now that he is college-age, many people want to know if he is considering a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which he previously expressed interest in. “That’s a personal decision between me and the Lord,” he said. “I want to do what the Lord wants me to do.”]

    • It would not surprise me in the least if David did a mission after his second album. He is very devout and I think is itching to do a mission.

      • If he decides he must do a mission I think he should come to Brazil. The LDS church is not big here. There’s one near my house where he could work. 😉

        But I’d rather have album # 4 entitled “Soulful”.

      • He so should do Brazil and Latin America! 😛

    • well it just seems to me that david already has a sphere of influence that he feels (as do I) that God placed him. I would not to presume the answer, but as the saying goes, bloom where you are planted

  19. Lots of interesting first-hand info about how the Ann Arbor concert came about. (Disney!!)

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