Daily Archives: November 21, 2009

Getting to Know David, Part II: There’s Always Twitter!

So, from what I’ve been able to learn about David via Twitter:

1.  He loves his sisters.

2.  He loves to eat.

3.  He loves concerts.

4.  He enjoys the few opportunities he gets to meet up with family and friends every time he’s in Utah (which is not that often).

5.  He loves his mama.

6.  Papa never gets a mention or a shout out – EVER!

7.  He feels “underdressed” when visiting New York (haha!).

8.  He once had his appendix removed.

9.  He got his wisdom teeth removed this year.

10.  He needs a good masseuse.

11.  His music collaborators reveal more in their tweets about their sessions than he does!

12.  He only announces where he is going to be AFTER he has already arrived there. (Way to go, David!)

Now, the big question: will the songs he worked on be as hilarious (and self-revelatory – heh) as his tweets? David’s Twitter = L.O.V.E.  No one else compares! 🙂