Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

Getting to Know David

It’s amazing to me that an album filled with so much “soul,” spirit, and meaning did not resonate on a deeper level for David than just to say that Christmas from the Heart is all about those warm, fuzzy Christmas memories with family.   If it were merely just another cheesy, sentimental CD, I could accept his simplistic Hallmark-card-like expressions, but that’s not what I hear when I listen to CFTH.

Equally interesting to me is the way David is quite dismissive about this holiday album. It’s as if he had some obligation that he had to quickly get out of the way, and now that it’s done, he’s all about the David signature album that is the forthcoming one due out next year.  I must say I’m quite eager about the next album for two reasons:

1. David is super-excited about it because it will be his own personal stamp on it (can’t wait to see what David wants to reveal about himself through song).

2. Unlike the first and Christmas albums, David will actually have TIME and careful planning to nurture this baby, instead of producing something in between a summer tour.  That’s got to be something amazing.

These reasons, plus a forthcoming memoir, Chords of Strength, have me convinced that 2010 might just be an important sophomore breakthrough year for him.  When we might get some substantive pop songs, maybe a little R&B here and there.  I’m ready to see how David plans to mature himself.  How he can carve out a space in the current music scene and claim his own turf.  Which is what he needs to do, and to do so without consulting Daddy or even certain members of his fanatic fanbase, who have their own demands for what David should do.  Not that I worry too much about this element because most of us will eat up whatever David offers because we’re all mesmerized by The Voice.

I guess my anticipated goosebumps come from how David is so excited about this work-in-progress that, rather than promote his current Christmas album, which always sounds like an afterthought (“Oh yeah, CFTH is out, go buy it this Christmas! haha!”) I’m convinced we have yet to be blown away (and many of us already were with these first two albums).

His excitement and the extra time he has to work on pop album two make me think this is the album that will push him beyond his AI and Arch Angels audience.  I’m sure there will be those journalistic haters who will still find something negative about it (if only so they can say something nasty because, you know, some people like to draw mustaches on beautiful people), but it’s probably more likely we’ll great real music critics and music lovers who will finally pay attention.  

Who will this David be that we have not known before?