Daily Archives: November 19, 2009

Back Home in Utah!

New David Vlog:

Now That David’s Second Album is Steadily Climbing Charts…

… We can only imagine how fast Christmas from the Heart will skyrocket once David makes more televised appearances.  

So far, we know we’ll get to see him next week for Thanksgiving on Fox with the Kaleidoscope Ice Skating event (a show I most likely would not have bothered to watch on a Thanksgiving holiday, but you know the mantra… “The Things We Do for David!”). Since I’m hosting the dinner, my guests will just have to oblige.

There’s still that Christmas Tree Lighting event in Washington (has this been confirmed? Or, was the Washington event only referring to the Kaleidoscope event? I hope not! ) I’m bummed he’s not included in the line-up for New York’s Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting – featuring Alicia Keys and Susan Boyle – but to me, a White House Christmas Tree Lighting would be the real coup if this is true.  

I mean, if one is going to have a Christmas album, one should be involved in national Christmas events, don’t you think?

There’s also an online appearance on Billboard Live on December 17, and the Today Show on December 21.  Some good stuff lined up.  Still keeping my fingers crossed that David will be involved in some televised Christmas concert, to air on PBS (which I tune in to religiously during Christmas Eve).  If there are any other events David will be at next month, I (and my readers of course) will keep you posted!