Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

A Genealogy of Fan Blogging

There are so many David fan sites, it’s hard to keep track of all them.  Although I think most Archies pick and choose which ones they will religiously follow.  Still, I’m just amazed at the “splintering” (if I can use that word) occurring just within the fanbase.  It’s even a challenge tracing the genealogy of so many of them.  But, of course, I will give it a try.

So, last year, Fanblast begat Fans of David, and I think FOD begat Snarky Archies.  Rickey’s, which covers David and other things American Idol and reality TV related, begat Noting David, which begat the now defunct Just David, which begat The David Chronicles.  TDC in turn begat my own Soul David, and it looks like some others, like Snow Angelz, and The Voice: David Archuleta.  

While I think it’s great that we’re finding “communities within communities,” and that I myself participated in this subgenre of the fan blog, I do wonder if so many of us should dwell in the periphery when we leave a wide gaping hole at the center.  With all these different fan sites, is there a central fan site that “counts”?  We won’t name names, and we won’t point to any one fan blog/site that becomes “representative” of the Arch Angels, but all this splintering does make me wonder if an online fan site is needed, if not to stand in as the “main” site where new fans could come and visit and be indoctrinated (haha!) but at least as a portal site and gateway to the myriad online fan communities devoted to David.

I think the different themes and groups showcase how David’s fans cover a wide range of ages, races, gender, and nationalities (I’m surprised there isn’t a Rainbow fan blog that’s been created yet).  If I were David’s publicist, in addition to mounting a decent and up-to-date official website, I would make sure to feature a prominent link to an official Fan Community link, which served as a helpful directory to our many different fan sites.

As much as our diverse fan blogs highlight David’s diverse fanbase, I do think it also showcases how we, as fans, have felt the need to carve out our spaces and highlight our own voices, perhaps because they were silenced on other sites.  While dwelling in the margins can be productive in building community, eventually, it would be great for all of us to come together under one umbrella.