Daily Archives: November 15, 2009

Archies, You Rock!


Now that my weekend event (which was a huge success! YAY!!) is over, and I can play catch-up on my David news, I must commend  @momJulee@sofansmom@ClaudiaNRR and @janey79 for their surprise birthday gift for Jim Cantiello, who gave us some lovely vids, pics, and a revealing interview with our beloved.  I mean, how sweet and inspired is that?

These are the moments when David’s fans make me proud to be part of this unique and generous community.  When we try to “be like David,” we are simply the best! 

You guys rock!

Thanks, also, to my blog sitters for keeping this place jumpin’.  You know I love you all! 😀

In other catch-up news, I’m loving this candid shot from MTV’s Spotted. What can I say? David does not take a bad picture!