Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

The Celebration Continues

Hey guys! I’m going to be pretty much preoccupied this whole weekend with organizing a weekend event, starting today.  So, to keep my blog active (and once again relying on you fabulous blog sitters), I’m extending my DavidArchieVersary celebration. 

Beginning with this sweet little trip down memory lane.  ‘Member when this was dominating the VH1 countdown? Ah, the power of the Archulator! 

Also, check out the response to the music video premiere on Rascal’s Noting David.  What a moment! Specifically, check out my lengthy critique at comment #130 (and yes, Rascal’s response at #133 is why, no matter what has developed this past year, he will always have my respect). Actually, if you took the time to read the 200+ comments, it reveals what is so great about David’s fans and what is so wrong with us sometimes.