Daily Archives: November 10, 2009

Did David Prompt This?

As some of you already noted, here is Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, vlogging on “Pop Artists and Prejudice.”

I never heard of this author until David started following him, and I think it’s awesome that they’ve gotten in touch with each other through twitter.  Now, as I’m understanding things, some of Coelho’s followers are giving him a hard time for following “pop artists”?  Is the issue that he’s following David?

I tell ya, if enough of us “serious adults” and respectable folk start praising David enough, others will follow suit!

David Sights, David Sites

So, David was having himself a fine time at the Imogen Heap concert last night (No videos yet? No David sightings yet? And did Imogen Heap not even invite him on stage? Sheesh!)

Picture 1

In other news, the David Archuleta Fan Scene site is down, due to technical problems.  I actually like that fan site.  The folks over there are so young and inspired, and they’re a breath of fresh air (compared to other fan sites which will remain nameless), so I hope they recover soon.

Picture 2

And, speaking of blogs, I would love to highlight a David-friendly site that I discovered this year: Bring Da Beat Back.  It’s a really cool, R&B and pop urban-oriented music site, which looks like it may be run by a sharp and savvy sistah, who just loves herself some David Archuleta – among some other R&B divas.  It’s really refreshing to find some soul mates who recognize the potential of “Soul David,” and I hope David’s label recognizes his potential appeal to an urban audience.

Can You Tell Me How to Get David Archuleta to Sesame Street?

sesamestreetSesame Street turns 40 today!  Yippee!!

This show is looking good at 40.  And you know you’ve arrived when you land a guest appearance on Sesame Street.  You also know you’re an icon when you get your own muppet! Haha!

Wouldn’t David make the cutest muppet?  Wouldn’t he be loads of fun singing with Elmo or Big Bird?

Of course, the drawback with being the longest running kids show on TV is that children’s parents today were also once kids who visited Sesame Street.  Which means they get super-invested in the show in the most inappropriate ways. 

I already mentioned the Fox News/Pox News faux controversy, but what about this nonsense in which parents insisted that Cookie Monster go on a “diet” because he was sending a bad message that encouraged childhood obesity? Parents! Stop it! You are too old for the show, and leave Cookie Monster alone! (Sheesh, I can’t believe they made Cookie Monster go on a diet… what kind of message is that?)

However, I will lose my cookies (pun intended) if any grown-up starts complaining about Bert and Ernie’s “friendship.”

That’s why someone like David would be so cool on Sesame Street.  He gets kid humor, and he knows not to take things seriously.  He also embodies that reverence for the innocent (something that too many of us have forgotten).

I love that Sesame Street has always remained hip and relevant and multicultural and so edutaining.  But, let’s preserve its innocence by not imposing our adult angst and phobias onto children’s television programming.

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street! 😀