Veterans Day Twitter Trending Party

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Talk about our Archuduties!  Apparently, there is a Twitter Trending Party planned on Nov. 11.  According to Snarkies, the trend is #DavidArchieVersary.

Forgive my ignorance, but the only anniversary that comes to mind is the day his debut album dropped, but wasn’t that on November 13?


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  1. I think it was November 11. For some reason, it’s always a Tuesday.

  2. This was from FOD a few days ago:

    “Tweet #DavidArchieVersary all day on November 11th to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of his first album.”

  3. Do any of you wonder what will happen to all these fan sites once the CFTH tour is over? What will we all be waiting for then? I know the second pop album will come out some day, but I have heard release dates as far as next summer. I just wonder if everything in fandom will slowly die down.

    • I’d imagine that as long as David keeps the line of communication open via Twitter and blogs and has public appearances the fan sites will continue on while awaiting the second pop album. An interesting mix of factors feeding this compulsion. David communicating. Fan sites reporting, fans connecting with one another and cyber and real life friendships being made. Celebrating the music and the person. Real life doldrums. Giving up lurking and posting would be dang difficult for many of us.

    • Burkey– I get concerned about the same thing sometimes. The internet sites have already died down quite a bit, and I feel like David’s boss hasn’t promoted him enough to help him gain new fans or hold onto the ones he has. As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” I’ve mentioned this to a few people, who reassured me just a bit. One felt that even though fans may not post as much, they still come out of the woodwork when necessary and haven’t really gone away. The other said that although the sites are “downsizing”, for a new artist who hasn’t had a single out for a year, David’s done incrediblly well in being able to hold on to most of us. And that he still has more online fans than many new artists…I still let it get to me, though, lol.

      • I am also concerned not for David but for the fansites. David is not even close to releasing any new material for the immediate future. I also read on FOD that even Mike will not be doing the Christmas Tour and is taking some time off to work on his music. In reality there will be nothing for the band to do and it is inevitable that each will go to do his/her own thing.

        I guess in the meantime David may finish his book and go on a book signing /vip tour. He is also earning brownie points for his speaking engagements. If former President George W. Bush is now making a living as a motivational speaker – what’s to stop David? It may actually be less nerve-wrecking than trying to get stations to play his music LOL!

      • Hmmm I don’t know, the way he’s had these back-to-back writing weeks lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if a single is out as early as January and an album out in March….

      • I agree with LittleM. He sounds just too excited about the new music. The album will come out sooner than we expect.

  4. Burkey, read my article, “Between a Drip and a Flood”:

    I’ve been learning that David keeps himself busy somehow. He is definitely learning the savvy of keeping his devoted fanbase satiated.

    Think about it: every time there is a lull, some new thing pops up for us to pay attention to. And we’ve been able to keep up with David after a year of not hearing one song of his on the radio or even a new music video. We’re ready to celebrate the one-year anniversary of “Crush” and his debut album. One year! I haven’t heard David on radio all of 2009.

    And yet, here we still are. What does that tell you?

    • Good article, HG. I had forgotten about that and I do now remember reading it before. Well, I guess we’ll just have to see what does “pop” up in the David world for 2010. Maybe a new album with a new tour to promote it.

      It is kind of amazing that we never hear David’s music on American radio, yet he still has this big fan base still following his extraordinary talent. Makes you wonder how important radio is in the scheme of being a successful singer.

      • Good point.

      • I agree with HG. One of David’s skills which sets him apart from other artists is his ability to truly nuture his fans. He will probably find minute ways to keep us informed and happy.

  5. (FYE, the first single from the “most anticipated album” of 2009 that will “redefine music” is #66 on iTunes three days after release and TFM is #148. Apparently, Z100 is not playing FYE and a DJ at Z100 has tweeted the Glamberts, asking them to stop spamming him with e-mails.)

    • “hype” isn’t all what it’s hyped up to be I guess.

      I wonder how the actual Glambert album will do.

      • It’s not looking good right now. The album is doing well on Amazon, but Amazon constitutes a relatively small part of total sales, less than ten percent, I think.

  6. It was November 11th last year that Davids album came out.

  7. I guess I didn’t know about this:

    Monday December 21

    David Archuleta performs on the Today Show, NBC, 7-9am

  8. Burkey asked “… what will happen to all these fan sites once the CFTH tour is over?” My guess is that Jive will release a pre-album single in time for David to perform it on AI9. If that’s not enough to keep us engaged, then Jive will leak something re. #manincap that will raise our eyebrows. 🙂

    Re. FYE, I wonder if that genre of music has played out. On Friday, a local radio station dj played Britney’s song “Three”, then complained that he’s so sick and tired of having to play songs w/ lyrics about sex. During his rant, he said that all 3 of her singles were about sex and that she was sending a poor message to her kids and young people in general. FYE is definitely a Britney-type song.

    Mikesd and HG, thx for your follow up comments on the previous thread. I too initially thought the “Dorothy” reference was connected to the lion (and the wizard).

    • Desertrat,

      You raise some good points. I’m pleasantly surprised by what that DJ said! Maybe something is finally going to take the place of the Britney/Gaga/Rihanna type sound.. I just hope they don’t make David’s new album all to cater to this trend and then it goes out of style by the time it is released! Hopefully they are thinking more proactively with the sound they are developing….

      In regards to Adam Lambert, this is just my opinion but I think the problem is that he is completely unoriginal. I listened to the snippets on his album and found them kind of irritating. You could tell on each song exactly which artist he was trying to be in the “style” of (one song sounds exactly like Mika, one song is exactly like Britney, etc…). Well then what is HIS sound? Plus I find the whole androgyny/glam thing a bit contrived coming from him….like he’s chosen it as a role to play, rather that it being part of his legitimate identity. There’s no mystery to it, as there is with other performers with subversive or enigmatic images ie David Bowie, Prince, Robert Smith of the Cure, Morrissey, etc. Idk. This is just my take on it – maybe he will take off though, who knows?. I do find it very surprising that the song hasn’t sold more out of the gate.

      • Also, FYE was #1 on EW’s MustList. This is so not WWDD, but I’m enjoying every minute of this. Tough luck, Slezak. AI is incapable of creating anything new; they only copy successful music styles. This particular style seems to be getting out of fashion.

      • Peter, I agree. The funny thing is that despite all the negative press he receives from the entertainment media, I actually think DA is a much more authentic and enigmatic artist than someone like Adam Lambert. Perhaps this will come through more on the next album????

        Speaking of the next pop album, I’m wondering if any of you have any theories about the direction it will eventually take? My feeling is that Jive will go for a similar approach to what has been successful for Demi Lovato. Songs that are relatable to young people and more authentic sounding than some of the songs on David’s first album: fresh, youthful pop, maybe with a bit of an acoustic flavor. I hope they don’t make it sound too urban/dancey. JMO 🙂

  9. A tweet from Kina Grannis:

    tomorrow begins an awesome week of writing with @davidarchie and @danilebedingfld! can’t wait 🙂 better get my new video done today…

    • Works for me! heh Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      Also, David is now following on Twitter, Paulo Coelho, the writer from Brazil who wrote The Alchemist that David at one point last summer read on the recommendation of Jason Castro, and cited as a favorite book of his.

      I guess Jason Mraz retweeted something of Coelho’s this morning that David saw which I guess alerted him to the fact the Coelho is on Twitter. He tweets in English and Portuguese.

      Several hours later, Coelho realizes that David is now a follower.

      He tweets –

      @DavidArchie I did not know you were here! I am following you now
      21 minutes ago from web

      He, like David, is very selective of who he follows. Coelho follows only 68 people and has a following of around 179K.

      • No way!!!! That is awesome! Hey thanks for spotting that Dorman – very cool!

      • Adorable – when you go to Paulo’s page, David’s little picture is the first one in the upper left corner! hehe

      • Shame on me! Never read Coelho. But he’s certainly a best-selling author and quite influential. I may give it a try now that he follows David. Can’t wait for the day David will visit us here.

      • David in Rio! Would he sound heavenly singing in Portuguese? 🙂

      • I’m in São Paulo, HG. But every international star visiting us would necessarily do São Paulo and Rio. How about the World Cup in 2014? Or the Olympic Games in 2016?

        Nope. Too much waiting. I hope he blows up real big and does a tour of South America next year.

      • Well, Valbraz, let us hope Jive recognizes his huge potential with a Latin audience so that he can tour South American sooner than later.

        But Rio in 2016 would be way cool (let’s hope David’s a mega star by then!).

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