Happy Halloween! Some Potential David Costumes Here


Thanks to the creative folks over at Rabid’s art network, we’ve got some lovelies!

David as James Bond:


David as James Dean:


David as Music Geek:


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  1. The music geek FTW!

    (Have you done your David duties today? Have you typed a transcript of David’s one-hour speech at the women’s conference? Alternatively, you can print a thousand copies of David “Arculeata’s” CFTH fan promo poster.)

  2. rabid is too talented for words… his is the type of creative mind david’s team could use… i like the james dean-esque graphic best… both david and that motorcycle are smokin’ 😀 all that’s missing is a tag line that says ”come along for the ride of your life” – or something to that effect, heh.

  3. Talk about taking it to church, or to town or what ever… Listen to the toward the end before the whisteling.

  4. Too bad he doesn’t have a concert tonight & dress up like James Dean with a white T-shirt full of holes, big black belt & a black leather jacket…….

    he wouldn’t even need to sing…..just stand there…….


    • raelovingangels

      that would be awsome. All of the choices are great but I am leaning heavily in favor of Bond, DJames, Bond. Ok off to get ready for Haloween activies. Have a great day all.

  5. Look at what Glambert’s management did for him & sent it to Masterclass Lady. We had to send our own pleading emails to ask her for her reviews of David’s albums.

    MasterclassLady Adam Lambert Newsletter: Courtesy Of 19 and RCA Records: http://wp.me/pIgh-1b9
    27 minutes ago from WordPress.com

    • Blah. Glambert is all hype.

    • AI was a six-month commercial for Adam Lambert, after which TFM debuted at #50 on Billboard. Which means they still need to amp up the promotion, if that’s humanly possible. Oprah didn’t help, maybe MasterClassLady will?

  6. David was amazing in these last two concerts. Can’t wait for the next album.

    And can I add I can’t stand the glittery one? Sheesh! Thanks, no, thanks!

  7. Funny blog. A mother and daughter play a game by hiding a picture of David in random places for the other one to find.


  8. Tweets from Robert Marvin , producer/songwirter, who David worked with in Nashville:

    “David Archuletta songs are sounding killer! He can sing!
    about 9 hours ago from Tweetie”

    “Working on some new David Archuleta songs. Sweet pop!
    3:00 PM Oct 28th from Tweetie”

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