It’s Been A While!

Here is David’s “Waiting for Yesterday” (oh, how I heart this song!) from Manchester, NH earlier tonight:

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  1. Thanks for posting this. He looks older and more confident than three months ago (or whenever the previous Demi concert was). And now, the obligatory IMO.

  2. I agree. A lot of confidence tonight. Perhaps the women’s conference and his excursions to Nashville and NYC on his own to take care of business – helped in that regard. He seemed more chatty tonight too.

    It’s been about 2 months since the last summer concert, BTW. Alaska was first week in September I believe. And he’s packed a LOT into those 2 months. Geesh!

    And what a big flirt he is. Check him out at 1:06 – 1:17. Some lucky girl in the audience is probably still spazzing. lol

  3. And he’s packed a LOT into those 2 months. Geesh!

    I agree David has “packed” a lot since his last summer concert. The workout is definitely paying off! 😉

  4. I have to tell you, I was at this concert and I was not prepared for him to have such incredible stage presence, even after watching countless youtube videos. My 16 year old daughter came with me, but she came for me. I thought for sure I would be trying to explain to her how he will gain confidence but listen to the voice, etc. No explaination necessary. We went to the pre-show and he was not awkward at all when he spoke and he made a couple cute jokes. Interestingly, my daughter jumped up before I did when Touch My Hands started and she leaned over during several songs and said, “I like this song.” She only sat down for a brief moment during the his entire set. We have tried to get to a show for so long, it just didn’t work out. Last time we saw him was during the AI tour. After reading so much discussion and thinking I might not have “the voice” to listen to if his career doesn’t get support, last night cured me of that concern. His voice was phenomenal and he struted like he owned the stage. He seemed like a superstar and the crowd loved him.

    • Thanks for the concert recap, Amy! And welcome to my blog. 🙂

    • Tks for the recap. Nice to hear from the pop stuff concerts again.
      I absolutely love this song.

    • welcome amv!
      I’m glad you and your daughter enjoyed the show. I know TMH has cheesy lyrics but it’s a terrific, light-hearted song to open a concert with. It’s still my fav on the debut cd.

  5. Another excellent view

  6. Off topic but I just heard Adams new song … IMHO, it sounds just like Britney’s “Womanizer”. I hope by the time David’s pop album comes out that he won’t need that sound to get airplay. 🙂

  7. I agree that the Women’s conference probably helped boost his confidence tremendously.

    In David’s prior performances, I always got the impression that he didn’t want to ‘hog the limelight’ from the other acts. And, even when he was headlining, I had the sense that he was more comfortable with singing song after song than speaking in between songs. Plus, it was always difficult – what with all the screaming.

    I believe he is realizing that taking his time and including some light banter is all part of the performance and connection with the audience. I also think he has learned how to ‘command’ the stage so the audience will respond to his ‘direction’. One of the things I enjoy is when he holds the mike out for the audience to sing. I remember how he tried that during the AI tour, and he seemed a little sheepish about it. He’s very comfortable with that now and he seems to really enjoy leading a sing-along.

    I think he is also learning quite a bit from all of the concerts he’s been attending. What a quick study he is.

  8. David Archuleta Interview at 92 PRO-FM with Davey Morris

    (He talks about the second pop album, among other things.)

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