Even His Interviews Have Improved!

Great stuff from 92 Pro FM in Rhode Island today (thanks for the link, Peter):

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  1. There are TWO parts to this. Let me find the other one.

  2. And, wait for it…

    I have concluded that although David embraced it, the Christmas album was NOT his project. This was “somone else’s” project all the way.

    Note the difference in how he talks about the Christmas album and the upcoming pop album.

    Christmas album – awkward, “oh yeah, the Christmas album”
    Pop album – enthusiatic, articulate, not awkward

    He did the same thing in the ABC Radio interview.

    And according to Jim Cantiello he was awkward when discussing the Christmas album. He posted part of that interview yesterday. But Jim says NOT SO when discussing the Pop album. I hope he’ll post a bit of that soon.

    YMMV heh

    • David is actually more sensible than TeDa and knows that a Christmas album has a better chance to be taken seriously when a more established artist releases one. I’ve always felt that this album was imposed by you-know-who. But, hey, let’s rake in the money!

  3. Assumption alert! Assumption alert!

    Perhaps the Christmas album was his way of thanking @manincap and @onerichsong (who has 998 followers now!!!!)? Perhaps he will move on now? Doubt it, though. Awyway, the Christmas album is great.

    Your mileage may vary if it’s allowed to.

    • raelovingangels

      interesting theory…also for the fans who had been asking pretty vocally to manincap and david.

  4. Absolutely–the Christmas album was all Jeff and the Utah folk. You will soon see that Jeff will not be involved in the pop album at all. The label has been wanting to phase out Jeff for some time. They only let the Christmas album happen to shut Jeff up.

    • I wanted to add: a fair number of people in the industry hate working with Jeff. Some won’t even work with David until Jeff is out of the picture. I got blasted on TDC for sharing this information, but trust me, I am giving you reliable information.

      • Hi there,

        Coming out of lurkdom because this information intrigued me and brought up a couple of questions if you don’t mind my asking, Freo. I understand if you can’t answer them but I always wonder is David aware that some people won’t work with him because of his dad? Also, do you know if Jeff will be out of the picture anytime soon (i.e. removed as manager)?*hopes against hope*

        BTW, love this site HG!

    • Thank you for sharing this information. Sounds good.

      • Jay, I am not sure if David is aware of it. I would think he must be, but he will never reveal that publicly. Unless anything has changed, Jeff or Utah peeps should not be involved in third album at all.

  5. raelovingangels

    Hey all! I am not sure what brought about the Christmas albumk but I am happy for it. I adore a number of the songs and have never heard them done better by anyone in my entire, not so short life.
    Did you notice that on WCIT the word pleading is PLEADING?
    I have heard the christmas album discussed for years. Also fans have been begging for a christmas album since hearing the songs on You Tube before AI fame and of course fueled by the a-cappella performances at the Jingle Jams last year.

    Interesting information Freo- hm,,, thanks for sharing.
    No doubt David’s speaking confidence and abilities have improved, but there was also no stupid pet ( err…I mean DJ) tricks. They talked about David’s favorite topics: Music, food, exercise. ( LOVE HIM)

    • raelovingangels

      I don’t mean that I personlly have heard it was discussed, just that the idea of a Christmas album had been discussed for a while. ho ho ho.

  6. In June 2008, #manincap aka jazzman, made the following statement in a fanblast chat. it’s archived on rickey.org. #manincap obviously has wanted to do an Xmas album for some time.

    “jazzman – I will say that of the several songs David recorded today for demo purposes, more than half were Christmas songs. Also, they were original arrangements by someone who you may have met on this board before.”

    Also, kudos to David and his publicist for these terrific interviews! I credit the publicist for making the interviewers stay on agreed upon topics.

  7. A little off topic, but here’s a “Get Well Card” to sign concerning David and his aching back (Awww):

    • I signed yesterday 🙂

      Look like he is still have some back trouble tonight. I saw where he said in the VIP that he didn’t have pain but he “walks funny”

  8. Adam Lambert official web site by RCA


    A year & a half later & we are still waiting for a decent official web site for David.

    • Thanks for the link. I just checked it out, and it made me so frustrated I wanted to cry. There’s no comparison between the two sites. Adam’s peeps obviously know what they are doing. David’s site still looks like it was designed by a 12-year-old. Aaaarrrggghhh! Any idea when it’s supposed to redesigned?

  9. Well, as far as websites go, it’s nothing special, but it is miles better than what David is saddled with. Sigh.

    Whatever happened to that rumor about David getting a new website?

    • must have been just a rumor….

      well, they did put a cover page on the first page showing the CFTH album. Must be they think that now the website “redesigned”

    • That’s what I think, too. The first page was all they were going to revamp.

  10. Jim Cantiello’s Tweet Beat:


    This is hilarious, and I’m not talking about the part about David. Watch it, and you’ll see.

  11. So great to hear him talk about Nashville-hope he can spend a lot of time
    there. I really hope he has someone outside of his family managing his
    income and preparing his taxes. I thought one of the girls from
    Snarkies was hired by #manincap to redo his website? He needs the best
    website available, just plain stupid not to have it up after almost 2 years. Most recent “RatetheMusic”survey was holiday music, from Burl Ives to U2-no David. (no Bob Dylan either) Sorry for the randomness-always late
    to the party.

    • I’ve had the same concerns Fancy. David has talked about his business manager. I hope this is someone independent and not one of #ManInCap’s cronies.

      I just read the Andre Agassi article in the new People magazine. Really interesting quotes from his book. Apparently he and Brooke Shields bonded because they both know what it was like to be pushed hard by their parents from when they were children. As adults they still carried the same mental scars. Sigh. I hope David can get out on his own sooner rather than later. Nashville would be a great choice!

  12. Apparently, November 4 will be “David Archuleta Day” on HeartbeatFM, starting at 6 a.m. EST.


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