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Hola! I am in New Hampshire right now for the last 3 shows with Demi Lovato this week. We had rehearsals today, and they went pretty well. I haven’t sung these songs for a while haha, but it’ll be fun to do them for the shows. It’s fun seeing all the crew people again! It’ll be fun to perform for all you guys again! So let me know if you’re coming to any of the shows that are coming up! I know the weather has been pretty gloomy, but apparently I left Utah right as we were getting some major snow in that area. I prefer the rain here in the east over the freezing snowstorms in the Rocky Mountains. I hope everyone back over there is safe though.

So last Monday I spoke at the morning session for the Utah Women’s Conference. I was the speaker for the morning session, and Laura Bush was the speaker for the afternoon session. I was a little nervous to speak when I was trying to figure out what I should say, but the more I thought about it the more I surprisingly got excited to speak. I really had a great time getting to talk about what was on my mind and share it with all the ladies who came haha. I’m glad that Senator Orrin Hatch invited me to come, so thank you very much Senator! How many of you were able to make it to that conference, anyway? If any of you took notes I’d be really curious as to what was note-worthy I guess haha. My sister Claudia came and brought my friend Ashlee with her, and they took notes. It was really odd to think that my sister and friend were taking notes on what I was saying, but I thought that was really neat at the same time. So if there was anything you were able to learn from what I shared I’d love to hear what stood out to you!

Today I got a great workout in! But the bad thing is while I was running on the treadmill I did something to my back. It still doesn’t feel very good lol. During the rehearsals I just sat on the stool, which was really weird during Zero Gravity! I’m hoping that I can move around better tomorrow haha. Imagine me singing “Nothing brings me dooown, when you’re aroound” and I’m stuck on a stool. hahaha… It’s funny as long as it doesn’t actually happen lol. Well… it probably would be funny even if it did happen. But oh well. Anyway, I’m probably finished talking. Oh wait! Halloween is this weekend! If you guys have any cool costumes you should share! bwahahaha. I really don’t have anything in mind for myself costume-wise, but I guess we’ll see if I’m in the mood when the day comes closer. But all right, I’ll stop talking now and talk to you guys next week! Ciao.


Song for the day: Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen


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  1. OWL and Billboard Launch Landmark Concert Series

    Superstars Alicia Keys, R. Kelly, Usher and David Archuleta Among Top Artists Slated to Perform as Part of Billboardlive.com’s Stellar Lineup; R.Kelly Live Concert From Nokia in Dallas at 8 PM CT October 29.



    • yes, really awesome. Looks like they will pick a live concert that is on a Thursday.

      It looks like there is only one concert that fall on a Thursday:

      The MGM Grand at Foxwoods
      Mashantucket, CT
      Thu, 12/17/09

      Maybe this is the concert they will pick?

    • raelovingangels

      this is pretty amazing. SUPERSTARS!

  2. David Archuleta Makes Case For Christmas In October

    The ‘American Idol’ runner-up talks about his new Christmas From the Heart album.


    • On the MTV page, five items are listed under “Related Stories”:

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      4. David Archuleta’s Father Charged With Patronizing Prostitute

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  3. That’s great news for David. Something to look forward to. Yay!

  4. (Off-topic, correction to earlier information:

    TFM debuted at #50 on the Billboard Hot 100. I guess the #21 or something was for digital downloads.)

    • I must confess, I can’t wait to hear Adam’s new song along with the song called “Strut”. I’m not a big fan of his voice but he and his peeps score an A+ for marketing and publicity.

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